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Hirens 15.1 not working on GA-B75M-D3V (7zDec.exe error)

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 02:43 PM

I want to share my experiences with GA-B75M-D3V (v1.1) mobo.


I think it will save a lot of time to many people.

We need to replace +100 PC`s in our company, and I was looking for a fast way to replicate a working ghost image. I choose Hirens for the task.

Changed menu.lst + ghost.bat + ghost.7z + loadcd.bat + etc to go automatic (boot, ghost imaging without user intervention, and eject)

Test image file in virtualbox, OK... test DVD in a couple of PC´s... OK.

GA-B75M-D3V ??? error, and stop execution.

Creating 64Mb Ram Drive as R:
Page Fault cr2=00400000 at eip=419 ...bla bla... error 0006
!!Problem with drivers.7z!!

Workaround: replace 7zDec.exe file in dos.gzdos.img with alternative in this package: https://sites.google...?attredirects=0

7zdecdj2.exe do the magic (it just works, as well as 7zdecwat.exe). Rename, and replace-compress-burn. It works.

I dont know why this .exe fails on this hardware, but it was my solution. Might be some mobo incompatibility with expanded-extended dos memory controller, but i don`t have the knowledge.

Some info in the package... Good look.

| 7ZDEC |

7ZDEC is a simple ANSI C decoder for LZMA/LZMA2/PPMD-based .7z archive
files written by Igor Pavlov (big thanks !!), now public domain, found
in the official LZMA SDK.

N.B. The D3X extender is for non-commercial use only. So if using
those compiles (-DJ2, -WAT) and that's a potential problem,
"upx -d" and restub w/ WDOSX, PMODE/W, DOS/32A, CWSDPMI, etc.

Personally, I find WDOSX to be buggy, PMODE/W is free for commercial
use nowadays, but it's closed source. DOS/32A is good but bigger,
same with CWSDPMI (although r7 is the best DJGPP DPMI host). It's
up to you to decide if you care about freeware, non-commercial only,
free/libre, easy to rebuild, plays nice/compatible, small size, etc,
or not.


7z ANSI-C Decoder 9.12 beta : Igor Pavlov : Public domain : 2010-03-24

Usage: 7zDec <command> <archive_name>

e: Extract files from archive (without using directory names)
l: List contents of archive
t: Test integrity of archive
x: eXtract files with full paths


The most portable way to deliver .7z archives while retaining all detailed
user info is to use .tar + .7z (esp. when packing on *nix), but if you don't
care about file dates, user permissions, etc. then it doesn't matter here.

Keep in mind that a full-blown port of 7-Zip exists which can handle more
than just LZMA/LZMA2/PPMD as well as pack, unpack, sfx, etc. etc. etc.
For Win32, you can use the 7Z.EXE, 7ZA.EXE (solo .EXE), or 7ZR.EXE (.7z
only) or even the GUI file manager (Win32 only; on Linux use PeaZip).
For others, you probably have to use p7zip (POSIX 7-Zip) cmdline tool.

FreeDOS actually can use either p7zip compiled by DJGPP or Win32's 7ZA.EXE
with Japheth's HXRT.ZIP. Kostylev's p7zip 4.57 works without an FPU as does
HX + 7ZA (last I checked) but newer compiles of p7zip won't work (sadly).
If you want to bother investigating, it probably a FPU + GNU pth exception
handling conflict (whereas FSU pthreads is bitrotted and hard to compile
but apparently works, at least for M.K., I've never had luck with it).
Actually, I can't get p7zip 9.04 to work with FreeDOS by default, only my
hacked 4.65 works there (must be some FD bug, works fine in DR-DOS). Note
that p7zip (DJGPP) using CWSDPMI supports virtual memory, unlike HX.
NEW! Khusraw has compiled 9.13 for us (DJGPP + FSU pthreads).

7zdec912 7z 41,823 May,08,2010 03:00:52am A..R

-- I removed all unnecessary files, made everything start with 7Z- prefix
(except for the DJGPP v2 specific size tweaks for DOPRNT.C, MKTIME.C,
and TINY.C) as well as made 'em all lowercase and 8.3 clean, so you
don't need LFNs to recompile. I also included my .BATs to help build
some of the trickier default targets.

In case you can't tell, I was curious to see what would work, at least
on the non-*nix PC end of things. Note that I don't have OS/2, but I thought
EMX was a good compromise (i.e. better than a stand-alone OpenWatcom OS/2
compile that ran nowhere else). I've been told that OS/2 can't easily let
DOS apps use LFNs, esp. on HPFS. And Win2k was the last Windows to support
the OS/2 1.x textmode apps (or so I hear). Not that it matters since 7ZDEC
is a 32-bit app, which needs OS/2 2.0 (386+) or newer. (But feel free to
port it to 16-bit, though.)

What is the best, smallest, fastest, LFN-aware, most portable .EXE? Dunno.
It's a complex question with no true answer (yet?). And technically, most
of these still require external files (except DOS OpenWatcom or DJGPPv2):

7zdecdj2 exe 51,284 May,05,2010 06:27:36am A..R

-- DJGPP 2.03p2 via GCC 2.95.3 "-O -mtune=i686" etc. w/ globbing disabled,
has built-in D3X DPMI host, supports LFNs if available, UPX'd, won't
natively run on Win64 (due to 16-bit DOS-isms yet no V86 mode on AMD64)
although DOSBox (or DOSEMU on GNU/Linux) will work. Fully stand-alone,
but still bigger than OpenWatcom (probably due to LFNs). Note that I
hacked doprnt.c and provided a fake mktime.c to reduce the UPX'd size
by a few kb, so it could be lots worse!

7zdecdj1 exe 57,860 May,08,2010 02:28:52am A..R

-- DJGPP 1.12m4 via GCC 2.6.3 "-O", not compressed (neither UPX nor 32LiTE
will work), stub only that calls GO32.EXE, so you need either that or RSX.
(If you remove the .EXE stub altogether, it will save 7k, but it's more
annoying to have to manually run GO32 or RSX on it.) This build lacks
LFNs but will work in non-DPMI environments, so I figured it could
still be useful in some weird cases (Win 2.1/386 ?? heh).

7zdecemx exe 81,924 May,08,2010 02:31:42am A..R

-- EMX 0.9d r4 via GCC 2.8.1 "-O2" compile, needs EMX.EXE for
DOS/VCPI (and .DLLS for OS/2) or RSX.EXE for DPMI (e.g. Windows) or
under Win 3.1 RSXWIN extender via RSHELL (e.g. run RSHELLWX first)
plus RSXIO.DLL without needing a DOS prompt, probably also doesn't
run under Win64 though, seems to support LFNs in all environments,
but EMX seems to hate/crash DOSBox 0.72 (use CWSDPMI + RSX instead),
yet it seems fixed in DOSBox 0.73 (thankfully). DON'T compress it
else it won't work in all environments!

7zdecrsx exe 81,920 May,08,2010 02:32:10am A..R

-- RSXNTDJ 1.51 dual compile "-Zrsx32 -O", runs in pure DOS with RSX.EXE
and DPMI (CWSDPMI) or Win 3.x via "RSXWIN RSHELL" plus RSXIO.DLL
or Win32 via RSXNT.DLL, probably Win64 also?, supports LFNs in all
environments, needs running PESTACK to increase -c... (commit
stack) after building. Actually, even latest version of Japheth's HXRT
now runs this. But you CAN'T compress this without losing the dual OS

7zdecw32 exe 34,304 May,08,2010 02:36:18am A..R

-- UPX'd (--strip-relocs=0) OpenWatcom 1.8 "-s -os" Win32 .EXE which still
works in DOS under HXRT or with WDOSX bound although WDOSX disables
LFNs (well, not the DWLP / Delphi WDOSX 0.97b2 hacked one). Plus useless
default DOS stub replaced with DPMIST32.BIN for convenience (since
DOSBox 0.72 doesn't support the HXLDR32 TSR although DOSBox 0.73 does).
WDOSX always requires relocs unlike HX. Probably? also works in Win64
and WINE.

7zdecwat exe 42,894 May,08,2010 02:36:18am A..R

-- OpenWatcom 1.8 "-s -os" 386 compile (although -4, -5, -6 also run on 386+,
they are bigger), UPX'd, fully standalone using D3X, needs no separate
files (built-in extender w/ DPMI), no LFNs though, won't run on Win64
w/o emulator (e.g. DOSBox 0.72) or Linux except w/ latest DOSEMU 1.4.0.

Note that OpenWatcom 1.9 optionally support LFNs in DOS if you try
"#define __WATCOM_LFN__" but that didn't seem to work here, so I dunno.
(Probably also why the compiler proper still doesn't support LFNs. Yet
LFNs seem to work for 16-bit compiled stuff, so that's weird. I guess
they just need more testing before finalizing it.)

BTW, I use D3X here since it's more universal (DJGPP or OpenWatcom),
very tiny, seems to work well, and can be reassembled easily via
NASM if desired. Oh, and it plays nicer with CWSDPMI (e.g. shelling
out from DJGPP text editor) and can easily unstub if needed (vs. WDOSX).
But of course it's abandoned (hard to find though I've mirrored it)
and non-commercial only.

7zdeclnx elf 32,373 Jul,18,2010 08:24:44am A...

-- Experimental OpenWatcom (1.8?) compile for Linux, minimally tested but
seems to work. Note that prebuilt p7zip binaries exist on SourceForge,
but I think those are dynamically linked, unlike here. Besides, this
is smaller. ;-)

Test results or portability comments welcome.

E-mail me if desired: rugxulo _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com

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Posted 13 September 2012 - 04:27 PM

We need to replace +100 PC`s in our company, and I was looking for a fast way to replicate a working ghost image. I choose Hirens for the task.

Hmmm....Company, and possibly (depending on the country) illegal copies of commercial software...not a good combination...

Even the notes you have below on 7zDec state that it is not for "commercial" use ...and (of course), you have a license to use the ghost that is included - right?

:dubbio: :dubbio: :dubbio:

#3 Meridio21


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Posted 13 September 2012 - 04:54 PM

Ups! you are right! I didn`t read the 7z small letter! Ghost? Count on it, but 7zDec?

Might be adding some 32 bits support to DOS, using the base hirens 7zDec? (HX DOS-Extender) Will it be legal?

#4 sbaeder


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Posted 13 September 2012 - 07:26 PM

Not sure about Argentina, but it is likely that it COULD be legal if you use something like FreeDos (and not MS-DOS)...Also, not sure if 7z has a dos version as part of it's package, but normally 7z is "FLOSS" software...Not sure why this other package isn't...

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#5 David Lynch

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 09:33 PM

Had a similiar issue here.


With your workaround, had the same error.

Edited by David Lynch, 13 January 2014 - 09:40 PM.

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