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wpeinit and unattend.xml help

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Posted 07 March 2007 - 07:22 PM


I am trying to build a basic unattend.xml to use with wpeinit.

Right now, when startnet.cmd run wpeinit - it uses deafult values (see log below).

I would like to tell wpeinit (via unattend.xml) to only Initialize Display settings, generate a random computer name (if it must) Virtual memory (if necessary) and then NOT intialize networking components. I do need to do basic PnP to get to USB ports. I do not need networking support though.

Can anyone help with this?




Info No unattend file was found; WPEINIT is using default settings to initialize WinPE
Info Spent 12172ms initializing removable media before unattend search
Info ==== Initializing Display Settings ====
Info No display settings specified
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000001)
Info ==== Initializing Computer Name ====
Info Generating a random computer name
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000000)
Info ==== Initializing Virtual Memory Paging File ====
Info No WinPE page file setting specified
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000001)
Info ==== Initializing Optional Components ====
Info WinPE optional component 'Microsoft-WinPE-WSH' is present
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000000)
Info ==== Initializing Network Access and Applying Configuration ====
Info No EnableNetwork unattend setting was specified; the default action for this context is to enable networking support.
Info Service dhcp stop: 0x00000000
Info Service lmhosts stop: 0x00000000
Info Service bfe stop: 0x00000000
Info Service ikeext stop: 0x00000000
Info Service mpssvc stop: 0x00000000
Info Spent 234ms initializing security templates; status 0x00000000
Info Install MS_MSCLIENT: 0x0004a020
Info Install MS_NETBIOS: 0x0004a020
Info Install MS_SMB: 0x0004a020
Info Install MS_TCPIP6: 0x0004a020
Info Install MS_TCPIP: 0x0004a020
Info Spent 6968ms installing network components
Info Installing device pci\ven_11ab&dev_4362 X:\windows\INF\netmyk01.inf succeeded
Info Installing device pci\ven_8086&dev_1065 X:\windows\INF\netefe32.inf succeeded
Info Spent 4344ms installing network drivers
Info Spent 7000ms confirming network initialization
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000000)
Info ==== Applying Firewall Settings ====
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000001)
Info ==== Executing Synchronous User-Provided Commands ====
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000001)
Info ==== Executing Asynchronous User-Provided Commands ====
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000001)
Info ==== Applying Shutdown Settings ====
Info No shutdown setting was specified
Info STATUS: SUCCESS (0x00000001)

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Posted 08 March 2007 - 12:39 PM

its described in the chm files that are part of the WAIK:

You can manually execute Wpeinit from a Windows PE Command Prompt window to process a custom answer file. Wpeinit.exe accepts one option called -unattend. You can specify the parameter in one of four ways.

wpeinit –unattend=<path\unattend>
wpeinit –unattend:<path\unattend>
wpeinit /unattend=<path\unattend>
wpeinit /unattend:<path\unattend>

For more information about how to create an answer file (Unattend.xml), see the Unattended Windows Setup Reference which is also part of the WAIK.

wpeinit is called from autorun.cmd which is to be found in build\system32 in your Vista PE directory.

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