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newbie - looking through wrong end of telescope, appreciate a starting point pls

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#1 jstu

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 09:55 PM

Only just over a week ago I discovered BARTPE and been reading as much as I can find on it. Have build Boot Cd and added a simple plugin.
Last night I discover winbuilder which seems a more modern system for building such CD's - and within that, this Live XP project. So right now
I am going in circles trying to decide which of these (BART WInbuilder LiveCd) is for me. My object is to build a BOOT CD with acronis True Image on it and later try to add Truecrypt for encrypted filesystems.

Can some kind person tell me which of the above would be my best choice please?

A few "get a handle" questions:-

- Are BARTPE and Winbuilder alternatives?

- Is Winbuilder(.exe) a tool in itself (like pebuilder.exe for BART is)?

- Do the projects, such as LiveCD, use WInbuilder at their "core" i.e. is LiveCd an special/particular application of Winbuilder?

- Why do these project exist - why not "just" use winbuilder? // (Ok I expect flames for that one).

Thank you for any answers to the above - pls overlook any stupid question on my part - these BOOT CD systems are very new to me.

#2 amalux


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Posted 12 August 2011 - 12:51 AM

Try the projects here: http://reboot.pro/4111/

1) Yes but very different.

2) Yes, it's a script builder.

3) Not familiar with LiveCD, sorry.

4) There are many projects that use Winbuilder engine but have very different ends and require different sources for PE 1x-3x and some projects don't use Winbuilder at all; much to choose from here. Have fun!


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