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Index of scripts and information

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Posted 09 August 2006 - 03:06 PM

This topic is mostly meant to be an index of posted scripts and tutorials.

Script developers: Some scripts might be missing from this list, please update/add links to your works also remembering to add all resumed and updated informations on the first topic. Since all script developers are moderators in this forum, feel free to edit this topic to make things easier for others to find them.
If you're making a newer version from an old work, please add the topic to the new link and add a reference to the original script topic, thanks.

administrated by psc
Here everytimes will find the latest (sometimes maybe from yesterday evening :P) working version of the actual scripts.
There cannot be a link to a zipped complete package because the package name contains the date.
To download the latest zipped package look here.
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Files List

Projects: [A..Z]
NanoXP: Create a bootable XP ISO around 14Mb. posted by nuno brito
PicoXP: Aiming to achieve the lowest ISO size possible. posted by psc

Tutorials and hints: [A..Z]

Script updates: How to make updates for your scripts. posted by nuno brito
Source safe: How to write scripts using windows XP and 2003 as source. posted by psc

Scripts: [A..Z]

Notepad: Adds notepad to your builds. posted by Smiley
Notepad++: Adds Notepad++ to your builds. posted by Smiley
Regedit: Adds the registry editor. posted by Ove
Task manager: Adds the task manager. posted by Ove
Get Data Back FAT: Data Recovery for FAT Filesystems posted by beakmyn
Get Data Back NTFS: Data Recovery for NTFS Filesystems posted by beakmyn

Build scripts
CDrecord: Burn your ISO into a CD/DVD. posted by psc
RegEditWB: Check or edit target registry before ISO. posted by psc
Zh_Base: Use more applications under small builds. posted by zharif

USB Mass Storage devices: Use USB pendisks on your build. posted by Ove

Boot Images
FreeDos boot image: Use a freedos bootable image on your build. posted by nuno brito
XP Bootdisk: Extract a 1,44Mb bootdisk from diskcopy.dll posted by nuno brito

File managers
A43 File Manager: Adds A43 File Manager. posted by nuno brito

Explorer: Use explorer as shell and filemanager. posted by Ove
Xoblite for nanoXP: A lightweight shell based on blackbox for small build projects. posted by zharif

16 bit programs support: Adds support for 16bit programs. posted by smiley
autoLocalization: Add your local language settings on the registry hives. posted by psc
autoUPX: UPXes on the fly all DLLs and EXEs which can be UPXed. posted by psc
Desktop Shortcuts: Add your shortcuts on the start menu and desktop. posted by Ove
Silent Autorun: Run hidden startup commands and programs. posted by smiley
Display Properties: Enable on Desktop Property-Tabs and ScreenSaver. posted by Holger
Additional Fonts: 19 Additional fonts to cure your weird font issuesposted by beakmyn

Tools: [A..Z]

ErrorLog: Filters Error Messages of a Log File. posted by psc 28-AUG-2006 psc: Obsolete now since WinBuilder version 050

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