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Win7PE with Applikation Virtualization

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Posted 07 February 2011 - 04:03 PM

Hi Guys,

The Last days i'am excited from a very special Application.

the Name is "Ceedo Personal"

Ceedo Personal

This is similar to mojopac or U3. With one different. the App is connecting to the User Mode and every Virtualized Applikation could attach the Host without having Dll impacts or something else :cheers: THis is pure isolation.

a Long time i'am busy with VIrtulization stuff, and searching for reliable Products. Cameyo, Thinapp, Symantec Workspace, U3, Mojopac.
But most of them are working with Snapshot COmparings to generate the Binary, or they created an own Desktop environment isolated on the Host. Ceedo is different, and the First Tool which is amazing.

Primary Point. the App Installer is very different :). they hock the Installer and install the Whole Program directly to the USB-disk (virtual registry,Filysystem,....), and made link to the Ceedo Applikation. so no impacts to the host. no snapshots,..... . you don't need anymore a virtual VM for creating your apps ;( and to spent lot of times to kill wasted stuff because of to much activities during snapshoting.

So the nice point is:

it's prepared for USB-Disk. and after Starting Win7PE for example you could connect the USB-disk with your Virtualized apps and the Applikation Layer connects to the Win7Pe User Mode. :whistling:

I bought a very nice USB-Disk

LaCie SSD Usb-disk 3.0

30GB: R: 210 MB/s, W: 70 MB/s
60GB: R: 240 MB/s, W: 125 MB/s
120GB: R: 260 MB/s, W: 180 MB/s

i bought the 30GB disk, and also for USB 2.0 theire are very good acces times <0.8 ms. very low Disk latency.

i tested only on my host same Ceedo Applikation. I virtualized Firefox for example. and with

OCZ Rally 2 8GB Disk i think the App was usable after 40secs.

with the LaCie Disk. it was ready in 1-2secs :ph34r:

at the weekend i tested my OCZ Rally Disk with win7pe (CD) on a physical host. and it was working well. all my virtualized isolated Apps on the Usb-disk where working and usable.

So at this point i will try out to install the Win7pe on the Usb-disk directly to see how it's performing.

At home i have now USB 3.0 ports :cheers: i'am nosy.

So at the End, i would recommend this App to everybody which would like to try out new things. And the most important Part is that you could use the stick everywhere. on every windows system. so it's an portable system. And in combination with Win7pe i think it's very mighty.

Best regards


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