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norton ghost -- dos related issues

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#1 jtan



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Posted 11 October 2010 - 06:04 PM

Hi all,

1. Was wondering is there a dos usb driver that will enable usb mouse?

I have tried serveral without any success.

2. Is there a way more efficient way to seach for winxp2.gho and ghost back to c drive? Please refer to my current batch file.

@echo off

rem usb stick -- assign c hd1,1
rem hd c -- assign d hd2,1
rem hd d -- assign e hd2,2
rem hd e -- assign f hd2,3

if exist e:\winxp2.gho goto e
if exist f:\winxp2.gho goto f
if exist g:\winxp2.gho goto g
if exist h:\winxp2.gho goto h

echo ghost winxp2 is in drive d
goto done
echo ghost winxp2 is in drive e
goto done
echo ghost winxp2 is in drive f
goto done
echo ghost winxp2 is in drive g
goto done



Please advice and thank you.

#2 Lancelot


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Posted 11 October 2010 - 06:27 PM

check here

I am sure there are dos experts around for a better batch, here something I notice,
you do not have to use restart,
ghost have an internal switch to restart after task completed (check pdf, homepage etc.).
but maybe you like restart for another reason, Well only my 2 cents :D

#3 Zerojinny



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Posted 12 October 2010 - 02:41 AM

2. Is there a way more efficient way to seach for winxp2.gho and ghost back to c drive? Please refer to my current batch file.

You would be better to use the PE.

Because DOS does not recognize the NTFS file system.

Using a program such as ntfs4dos even if recognized, Ghost does not work properly in many cases.

If you use PE to make the following batch file will be available.

for %%x in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%x:\winxp2.gho set src=%%x:


#4 jtan



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Posted 02 November 2010 - 12:39 AM

Hi, I finally figure it out but if there a more efficient way of coding of FINDG.BAT this please advice me and thank you.

@echo off
prompt $p$g
SET TZ=GHO-08:00

ntfs4dos findG.bat


@echo off

rem find ghost image and autoghost back to c drive
rem booting from usb

rem usb stick hd1,1 -- assign c
rem hd c hd2,1 -- assign d
rem hd d hd2,2 -- assign e
rem hd e hd2,3 -- assign f

path a:

rem Check drives for existence of .gho file and return drive letter
rem note ntfs4dos will assign drive letter

set drive=
if exist E:\*.gho set drive=E:
if exist F:\*.gho set drive=F:
if exist G:\*.gho set drive=G:
if exist H:\*.gho set drive=H:
if exist I:\*.gho set drive=I:
if exist J:\*.gho set drive=J:
if exist K:\*.gho set drive=K:
if exist L:\*.gho set drive=L:
if exist M:\*.gho set drive=M:
if exist N:\*.gho set drive=N:
if exist O:\*.gho set drive=O:
if exist P:\*.gho set drive=P:
if exist Q:\*.gho set drive=Q:
if exist R:\*.gho set drive=R:
if exist S:\*.gho set drive=S:
if exist T:\*.gho set drive=T:
if exist U:\*.gho set drive=U:
if exist V:\*.gho set drive=V:
if exist W:\*.gho set drive=W:
if exist X:\*.gho set drive=X:
if exist Y:\*.gho set drive=Y:
if exist Z:\*.gho set drive=Z:

rem search for the latest ghost image
FOR %%l IN (*.gho) do set ghofile=%%l

set drive2=
if exist E:\*.gho set drive2=2:2
if exist F:\*.gho set drive2=2:3
if exist G:\*.gho set drive2=2:4
if exist H:\*.gho set drive2=2:5
if exist I:\*.gho set drive2=2:6
if exist J:\*.gho set drive2=2:7
if exist K:\*.gho set drive2=2:8
if exist L:\*.gho set drive2=2:9
if exist M:\*.gho set drive2=2:10
if exist N:\*.gho set drive2=2:11
if exist O:\*.gho set drive2=2:12
if exist P:\*.gho set drive2=2:13
if exist Q:\*.gho set drive2=2:14
if exist R:\*.gho set drive2=2:15
if exist S:\*.gho set drive2=2:16
if exist T:\*.gho set drive2=2:17
if exist U:\*.gho set drive2=2:18
if exist V:\*.gho set drive2=2:19
if exist W:\*.gho set drive2=2:20
if exist X:\*.gho set drive2=2:21
if exist Y:\*.gho set drive2=2:22
if exist Z:\*.gho set drive2=2:23

echo * Ghost file at drive=%drive%
echo * check if disk:volume=%drive2% match the ntfs4dos table above
input " * IF NOT type the table disk:volume=" drive2 /E /L4

if exist e:\windows GOTO part2
rem os in partition 1

echo ghost.exe -CLONE,MODE=PLOAD,SRC=%drive2%\%ghofile%:1,DST=2:1 -FX
ghost.exe -CLONE,MODE=PLOAD,SRC=%drive2%\%ghofile%:1,DST=2:1 -FX
goto done

rem os in partition 2 ... partition 1 has hidden recovery stuff

echo ghost.exe -CLONE,MODE=PLOAD,SRC=%drive2%\%ghofile%:1,DST=2:2 -FX
ghost.exe -CLONE,MODE=PLOAD,SRC=%drive2%\%ghofile%:1,DST=2:2 -FX

floppy disk image items
command.com <--- windows 98 dos
INPUT.COM <--- http://home.mnet-onl...t.muc/horst.htm
ntfs4dos.exe <--- http://www.softpedia...oad-104314.html

#5 jtan



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Posted 02 November 2010 - 12:46 AM

Now all i need is a dos usb driver for
the mouse to work in windows98 dos.

If you know any that work please inform me , thanks

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