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Simple way to Install /Boot BartPE from non-sys partition?

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#1 binam



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Posted 02 October 2010 - 08:43 PM

TIA for anyone who is willing to help by listing a step-by-step method that a relative beginner can follow!

My brain hurts from trying to understand the various BartPE boot methods & RAM setups.
I'm confused over all the different methods - SDI, GRUB, etc etc etc

I believe that although there seem to be multiple methods,
there is a method, or a couple of them, that would be simplest for a relative beginner.

With full respects to the other PE methods here at BootLand,
after I solve this challenge with my < already functional BartPE >,
I look forward to build & experiment with other projects here.

Just a few hours ago I attempted a "recommended build" with a "frozen/stable" source appropriate for my experience level,
only to error out & reboot every time the pretty desktop screen is reached -

so, I want to stay with the :) I already know.

yeah, there's a logfile of the errors, & I'll find some more patience in a little while to deal with that <_<


I want to install & boot BartPE from a non-system partition (but on the same drive), such that :

1. bootup is very fast since BartPE will be loaded into RAM from hdd (NOT boot from CD or USB !!!)

2. the system partition is left alone - not running - not in use - locked, such that:

3. I can use Drive Snapshot plugin to RESTORE images to a system partition that is not in use.

[ note - is there a simple way to install it to the system partition, yet have it run in RAM,
such that the system partition stays locked & can be overwritten with a Drive Snapshot RESTORE?

- my limited logic would say No, but if there is, I'd surely be open to that.]


XP Pro sp2 or sp3 + Win2003sp1 files ... 2 GHZ cpu/2 GB RAM/IDE 7200 hdd


I'm successful with the method given by Shirin on BootLand
& that's also given on Bart's FAQ page, of installing BartPE to the hdd & rewriting boot.ini to give the boot time options.

My "problem" is that it's installed to the system partition,

& although Drive Snapshot will successfully CREATE an image of the system partition from that scenario,
it won't RESTORE an image to it, since the BartPE ISO is started from the system partiton -
therefore the system partition is in use, not idle.

I've trimmed some FONTs, INFs, & DLLs, because this image is specialized only for image CREATION/RESTORATION with DS -
so it boots in 25 seconds, ready to use DS.

*** I'm ultra-grateful if someone would be willing to take time to break it down step-by-step,
and I'll follow up with my experiences so that others may learn from it as well.

- relevant links would also be appreciated - but I've spent considerable time searching/studying threads
that are geared to experienced people who can fill in between the lines with steps & data
that are often left out by others with considerable experience.

... and, I look forward to the success here that will lead to experiments with more advanced methods.

I'm a Master Teacher/Coach in non-I.T. fields, and I give my thorough patience & attentiveness to sincere students/seekers -
hopefully the same will return my way here, Thanks.


#2 binam



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Posted 03 October 2010 - 11:04 AM

new post Sun.Oct.3 -

I'm still super interested to hear about different methods, but to help others who might have the same need,
I want to mention that a successful method was given by Ed_P over here :



Edited by binam, 03 October 2010 - 11:04 AM.

#3 amalux


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Posted 03 October 2010 - 05:34 PM

Hi binam,

Sorry if this is off topic here but only to help you let me say, avoid mixing the LiveXP/BartPE issues; it only tempts people like me to post off topic :cheers: . When/if you're ready to do this with LiveXP, I'll help any way I can (but you'll have to give more useful info) and see no reason you won't find success as I do this all the time without issue. As for the BartPE, I can't say (either could Ed_P <_< ) and others will have to give you advice on whether this is possible, best of luck :mellow:


Found this, maybe it helps: http://www.911cd.net...showtopic=10482

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