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ghosting linux

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Posted 28 September 2010 - 11:14 PM

Background info

My boot loader is pLop 5.0.10 (latest) and I have 4 primary partitions

1 - Linux (Ubuntu 10.4)
2 - Swap
3 - Linux (PING)
4 - FAT32 (DOS 7.10)

I am doing testing with Ghost 11.5.1 installed on the FAT32 DOS 7.10 partition

1) partitioned the disk, made FAT32 active
2) installed DOS 7.10
3) copied DOS files into "c:"
4) installed pLop, configured plop to activate and boot each partition and "clear" other partitions (should only show sda1 to operating system etc)
5) Installed Ubuntu 10.4 (ext 3), installing grub to /dev/sda1 (not /dev/sda)
6) Recovered pLop boot loader
7) Tested booting into DOS and Ubuntu, working fine

I think this is correct?
"pLop" MBR->Linux bootsector->grub->Ubuntu 10.4 (clears other partitions except swap partition, sets linux "sda1" active)
"pLop" MBR->DOS bootsector->IO.sys->DOS (does not clear other partitions and sets fat32 partition "c:" active)

This is my question
I am using ghost and I can create an image of my linux partition fine. However if I go and restore the ghost image it will no longer boot. When I select Ubuntu from my plop boot loader menu it will attempt to boot but hang at a black screen with a cursor flashing. I need to rectify this issue by running a linux recovery disk eg Super Grub Disk to boot into ubuntu and then using
sudo grub-setup /dev/sda1 --force
which fixes the issue.

I would like to avoid having to do this extra step every time I reimage the machine from ghost, so maybe someone knows what I should do.

This is the switches I use to reimage from ghost
ghost -fx -clone,mode=pload,src="1:4ghodir\ghofile.gho:1",dst=1:1 -sure

Has anyone come across this issue, or could give any advice. Note I need to use ghost.


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