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Tool/script to create a new bcd store for vhd boot

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Posted 11 September 2010 - 11:24 AM

Hope this finds some use.

I have made a tool to create a new bcd store to boot a windows 7 vhd.

This can be used when booted into the normal windows OS or a PE.

All partitions and paths are as they appear when booted into the current windows OS/PE.

You may use this to create a bcd store at any location. This bcd can be copied to the USB drive or other partition later on. Or you may use the final location straightaway.


D:\win7boot>setvhdbt /?

Usage: setvhdbt.bat [/h] [vhd-file [bootmgr-partition [bcd-file]]]

	   setvhdbt.bat /?

   vhd-file is the name of the vhd file

   /h is to include a directive to detecthal (sets detecthal to yes)

   bootmgr-partition is the partition at the root of which bootmgr is found

   bcd-file is the name of the bcd file - need not be the final bcd location

	  This file can later be copied to the needed location

   One or more parameters can be left out.

   The default values respectively are currentpartition:\win7.vhd currentpartiti

on: currentpartition:\boot\bcd

   The tool will not delete \boot\bcd in any partition - for safety.  User needs

 to manually delete it, as needed



	setvhdbt.bat d:\windows7.vhd f: e:\mywork\boot\bcd

	setvhdbt.bat /h d:\windows7.vhd f: e:\mywork\boot\bcd

	setvhdbt.bat /? (to get the usage)

Warning: Use with care. I am not responsible if you mess up :hyper: Hence the option to create the bcd somewhere else and copy it over!

You may download the script here: http://www.mediafire...2i48l2sufls8556

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