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Recovery Partition

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Posted 18 August 2010 - 09:39 PM

Hope im posting in the right section ....

I want to create a recovery partition using winPE 3, imagex and use it to deploy XP, steve6375 actually explained everything i want to do in this thread (below is his quote from the thread.


This application can be used to make your system boot to a different partition when pressing a Fx key.

Suppose you prepare a hard disk like this

Partition 1 - NTFS type 07 - WinPE v2 or version 3 which contains you imaging tool - e.g. ImageX
Partition 2 - NTFS type 07 ACTIVE - Windows XP OS (boots to this partition)
Paritition 3 - NTFS type 07 - Backup partition

Now you can use MBR to hide the first partition by using the command

mbr 0 0 /set 0xDB

Now you can use this command to install the MBR code

mbr 0 /install selm 10 9 "Press F9 for recovery" 0x7 0xDB

Now you will always get this message when you boot, if you press F9 it will instead boot to the first WinPE partition.

When it boots to the winpe partition you need to run the command mbr 0 /reset to make sure that the next time it boots, it will default to the Windows XP partition.

Now you have to put an imaging tool such as Ghost or ImageX on the first WinPE partition. For instance you can use ImageX to make a backup of drive C: like this:

ImageX /capture D: E:\backup.wim "my backup"

and if you want to restore the image use:

format D:
imagex /apply E:\backup.wim 1 D:

(note that I have guessed at the correct drive letters in the above example, because when you boot to WinPE using F9, the WinPE partition will be C:, so the other partitions should be D: and E:).

Obviously do NOT test this on your main computer if it contains valuable files - try it on a test system first!

Here is my problem, I dont know where to start ! or even how to start :smiling9:
I have already made a basic winPE boot iso

• Can i make the partitions with diskpart ? and if so, how ?
• do i first install XP or first copy the winPE to the hard drive or first configure mbr ? and what comes second and third ?
• how do i get winPE on the hard drive and let it be bootable ? or will it just boot, even if i just plain cope the cd over ?
• if all goes well and everything is set up, what commands should/can i use to make the WIM recovery as automated as possible ?

as you can see, i have NO IDEA what to do, i have spent countless hours on google and trying different software (the company where i work wont procure any software at the moment so ghost and acronis are out of the question)

So if any would be so kind to do me a type of walkthrough, i would be very very greatful.

Thanks again.

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Posted 18 August 2010 - 10:52 PM

Is this the same recovery partiion of this thread:

or another one? :D


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