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Syslinux 4.02 is released: Experimental Windows 64-bit installer => please test

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Posted 27 July 2010 - 08:14 PM

Syslinux 4.02 is a bug fix release, but also adds an experimental new

Win64 installer (syslinux64.exe), extends the new syslinux installer

CLI to all the installers.

Changes in 4.02:

		* SYSLINUX: correctly handle the case where the -d option is

		  specified with a non-absolute path, i.e. "syslinux -d

		  syslinux" instead of "syslinux -d /syslinux".

		* ISOLINUX: recognize the directory names /boot/syslinux and

		  /syslinux, and the filename syslinux.cfg in addition to the

		  isolinux-specific names.  Thus, "syslinux.cfg" is now a

		  generic name, whereas "isolinux.cfg" or "extlinux.conf" is

		  specific to different derivative.

		* chain.c32: support setting alternate config filename for

		  stage2 of GRUB Legacy (Gert Hulselmans).

		* whichsys.c32: execute specific command, based on Syslinux

		  bootloader variant (Gert Hulselmans).

		* lua.c32: a lot of new bindings added to the "syslinux"

		  namespace: VESA, PCI, DMI, kernel loading (Marcel Ritter).

		* btrfs: print a comprehensive error message if compressed or

		  encrypted files are encountered (neither is currently


		* SYSLINUX: mtools installer: honor TMPDIR, error out on disk


		* Handle fallbacks from EDD to CHS, to deal with systems which

		  announce EDD support but don't actually have it.

		* SYSLINUX: the mtools, DOS and win32 installers now use the new

		  command line options.

		* PXELINUX: fix the use of IP addresses in TFTP :: or tftp://

		  host syntax.

		* SYSLINUX: experimental Win64 installer (syslinux64.exe).

Note the (Windows) syslinux installer uses a new syntax too (see /doc/extlinux.txt):
syslinux.exe &#91;options&#93; <drive>&#58; &#91;bootsecfile&#93;

  --install	-i  Install over the current bootsector

  --update	 -U  Update a previous EXTLINUX installation

  --zip		-z  Force zipdrive geometry &#40;-H 64 -S 32&#41;

  --sectors=#  -S  Force the number of sectors per track

  --heads=#	-H  Force number of heads

  --stupid	 -s  Slow, safe and stupid mode

  --raid	   -r  Fall back to the next device on boot failure

  --once=...   -o  Execute a command once upon boot

  --clear-once -O  Clear the boot-once command

  --reset-adv	  Reset auxilliary data

  --menu-save= -M  Set the label to select as default on the next boot

  --mbr		-m  Install an MBR &#40;DOS/Win32 installers only&#41;

  --active	 -a  Mark partition as active &#40;DOS/Win32 installers only&#41;

  --force	  -f  Ignore precautions &#40;DOS/Win32/mtools installers only&#41;

  Note&#58; geometry is determined at boot time for devices which

  are considered hard disks by the BIOS.  Unfortunately, this is

  not possible for devices which are considered floppy disks,

  which includes zipdisks and LS-120 superfloppies.

  The -z option is useful for USB devices which are considered

  hard disks by some BIOSes and zipdrives by other BIOSes.
This will install Syslinux to drive X: and will make that partition bootable and will put the Syslinux MBR on the drive:
syslinux.exe --install --active --mbr X&#58;
Can someone test the 64-bit Syslinux installer and report back?

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