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NativeEx admin - Get away my name

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 03:08 PM


It is well known you are only coder of winbuilder, => fine
and you are the admin of nativeex products, => fine

and it is again well known you used your winbuilder coding rights to demolish other projects in the past, and today livexp, => I do not care
and it is again well known you use wb coding rights to force others use scripting the way you like without logical reasons, => I do not care
and it is again well known you try to make all other common projects use scripts/exe of nativeex productions => I do not care

I do not care your making fights against me numerous times in the past, than later step back by saying "lets not fight" or "apology" or "lets forget" etc.

I truely do not care anything made by you.

BUT stop using my name to fool others to distract a subject from main focus to another way, with various post games.

I read many lieing/childish posts you using my name on different topics for post games when i was away.

I do not want to take any part of topics that includes wb or nativeex, I would be glad not taking part if you can simply STOP lieing using my name.

Stop using my name, or implying my name on a subject either on coding or through livexp or etc. to simply distract attention from your stupid decisions.
It is well known what I'd produce so far are all good solutions with main goal of uniting all ideas (including yours if you can remember) to make things easly use widely.
I give promise to you, if you do not do such actions over my name, there will be no single post from me like last month that has goal to reply your lies with the facts.

Just to clear, I do not say STOP your foolish actions overall wb or nativeex things, I do not care, continue the way you like.

Only STOP using my name to distract attention from your foolish actions. It is your decisions, stand still like a man.

Truely I would like to make this request not to myself, but to all others, but better let others talk themselves in time if they want.
In future, Topic may serve such requests to nativeex admin, so to be easly found here it is.

I hope you can STOP.

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