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ERD Commander 5 PORTABLE (from livexp ,win7 pe )

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#1 maanu


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Posted 15 May 2010 - 01:22 PM

its been a while since i have been seeing posts all over asking how to get ERD commander 2005 working from usb or from multiboot dvd setup.

it is sure a tricky business. but few months ago i came across a method which can be used to make erd commander 2005 useable AS PORTABLE from running live xp ,and win 7 pe.

i did not share it here , because i was afraid as it is not free. but now i guess i should do it WITHOUT files of ERD commander 5 .those files can be achived from erd boot disc .

just follow the instructions and have yourself an easiest ERD commander 2005 EVER :(

instructions :

1.download the below archive , it is only set of cmd files files , with these cmd files , you will be able to redirect the HOST OS registry to the PE and can use the required ERD component NO matter you are in XP PE or in win 7 pe.


2. in the above downloaded archive, there will be a file,

list of needed files.txt

make sure you get the SAME files.just keep my CMD files as it is with same names.

3. once you have all the required files,do the following (assuming you have win rar installed ,other wise you can use 7z)

ctrl -A ,it will select all files ,right click,add to archive
, tick , create SFX archive , go to Advanced Tab, sfx options,
run After extraction , write Maanu1.cmd there.
go to comment , copy paste the below,

;The comment below contains SFX script commands


if you will follow all these instructions , then in the end , you will
have a 100% WORKING ERD COMMANDER 2005 PORTABLE ,which i have tested myself
from LiveXP 1.X (xp 32bit,2k3 32bit as source) , win 7PE (both 32bit) .

plz remember , the BASIC focus of this tutorial is to run a PORTABLE ERD COMMANDER 2005 components from win7 pe and livexp . NOT the boot disc .
in my humble view , the ALL beauty of erd commander 2005 is in its components NOT in the boot disc itself.

me and few of my friends are using it ,.and totally satisfy with it.

Note : in case someone CANT find the files or something else regarding this issue , pm me.

#2 Wonko the Sane

Wonko the Sane

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Posted 16 May 2010 - 09:35 AM

Good. :cheers:

If I may, the "logic" of your batches is "unnatural". :cheers:

I mean, you first choose the command you want to run and then the "target"/"environment".

If you want to run another command you need to choose again the target.

Since I presume that it is more common to run different apps on same target, won't it be more logical to set it at the beginning and then choose the app (keeping same target for other apps)? :cheers:

JFYI :cheers:, not as a critic, but only as help in writing "better" batches :( :
  • in 2K/XP you don't need to use an explicit ":end" label, you can "GOTO :EOF", ":EOF" being an implicit label marking the end of the batch
  • you don't need the /I switch for IF comparison of numbers (there are no "UPPER CASE and lower case numbers :()


#3 maanu


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Posted 16 May 2010 - 06:01 PM

thanks a lot for correcting my stupid cmd files as ALWAYS. i still remember how you made my fbinst cmd script PERFECT. \

God Bless.

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