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Portable Apps ... for Linux

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#1 rawr


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Posted 14 May 2010 - 03:03 PM

Portable Apps for Linux


Techies: this means no more dependency problems, as all necessary dependencies are packaged (without bloating the packages), so you can use the apps on any Linux computer.


IceWeasel Portable - a clone of the popular Mozilla Firefox™ browser
IceDove Portable - a clone of the popular Mozilla Thunderbird™ mail client
OpenOffice.org Portable - a full-featured free office suite
IceOwl Portable - a clone of the popular Mozilla Sunbird™ calendar application
Accessories and Utilities
XTerm Portable - a terminal emulator

DEVELOPERS!! Portable Apps for Linux is being brought back to life, and we need your help! If you have any good design ideas for the software, please email me at dkulchenkoGETRIDOFTHISPART@gmail.com or post in the forums. We will be transitioning to a new website soon, I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for your support!


The directory structure of PAFL closely mirrors the directory structure of Portable Apps (for Windows).

 The root directory is divided into several parts:

	* App/

		  o folders such as usr, bin, share, opt, and so on. See [[PAFL Code]] to find out what exactly goes in this folder. 

	* Data/

		  o place where profile information, configuration are held. See [[PAFL Config]].

	* Other/

		  o files that do not fall into any other category but are still relevant

		  o Source/

				+ source.txt (or actual source if small enough)

		  o <Something>Portable.sh

				+ launcher code. See &#91;&#91;PAFL Launcher&#93;&#93;.

all very interesting , something like

Linux and other OS flavours
LODR Universal & Portable Apps

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Posted 14 May 2010 - 05:22 PM

That's one of the things I never liked in linux is the way how apps get installed.

I mean, it gets really difficult to keep track of where files can be found. At windows you're bound to find something at c:\programs or similar, at OSX it is in most cases a simple unique file that you drag onto the apps folder.

But on linux.. :cheers:

I'm already glad that I can double-click to use a debian package instead of going through the tiresome configure/make/make install procedures to compile a program in order to run or install it on the machine.

Glad to see something like this available, very nice tip rawral.


#3 rawr


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Posted 18 May 2010 - 03:19 AM

im moa afan of dpkg -i --force-depends directed *.deb files in folders (probably on flash) and some sort of stripedown os( think debian/ubuntu/mint )

im indescribably something about not having to "double-click" at all !

but it is a sort of fire and forget method ..
in case of any interest ...

fyi think ubuntu(apt-get) uses "/var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb" for the install files by default

and i think the setup i got to with dpkg run from "liveCD" was
using /some-folder to store applications .deb files ( and dependency's witch are fetched when using apt-get or similar eg:Synaptic )
and a script creating links to "/var/cache/apt/archives/"
then something like
dpkg -i --force-depends /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb

while researching abit what and how to do any of the above i found a few similar tools .. that i may add at some point ,
also i just found this "Simple recipe for custom Ubuntu/Debian repositories with apt ..."

:cheers: laterz

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