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Build Error - HELP

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Posted 12 May 2010 - 01:34 PM


I've been trying to build a vista PE, have had a few errors but getting one consistent error which is preventing me in the final build!!

It is trying to copy the program files and program data to the boot.tmp and says it completed successfully but throws and error up, and failed to move directory...

and how on earth do i add an attachment?? I cant see that to post the log up....

This is the error from the log!



Run - Processing section: [PackBoot] From file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE-CAPI\Finalize\00-postconfig.script]
Preparing base files with maximum compression...
ShellExecute: [Hide] using: ["%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-CAPI\Windows\System32\bcdedit.exe"] with parameters: [/store "%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-CAPI\boot\bcd" /set {default} device ramdisk=[boot]\vistape.wim,{7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f}]
ShellExecute: [Hide] using: ["%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-CAPI\Windows\System32\bcdedit.exe"] with parameters: [/store "%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-CAPI\boot\bcd" /set {default} osdevice ramdisk=[boot]\vistape.wim,{7619dcc8-fafe-11d9-b411-000476eba25f}]
DirMake - Created directory: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-CAPI\boot.tmp]
IF - Directory exists: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-CAPI\Program Files] evaluated string: [If,ExistDir,"%targetdir%\Program#$sFiles",DirMove,"%targetdir%\Program#$sFiles",%BootTMP%]
DirMove - Failed to move directory [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-CAPI\Program Files] to: [%BaseDir%\Target\VistaPE-CAPI\boot.tmp]: The operation completed successfully
Run - Processed section [PackBoot] in file: [%BaseDir%\Projects\VistaPE-CAPI\Finalize\00-postconfig.script]
Script time: 7 seconds and 734 miliseconds

Finished processing script: PostConfig

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