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OfflineSysPrep - Where Art Thou

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Posted 05 February 2010 - 04:04 AM

Good afternoon,

I come here in desperation and a little bit of frasutration . Over the past few weeks I have been tasked with setting up our WSUS and WDS Server at work (YAY IS ME... haha) and after successfully implementing WSUS I moved onto WDS.

This is were the hair pulling begins. We currently have a number of PCs around the Office used by Employees (Ranging from Dells to HPs, and one or two old school Compaqs - they range from UP to MP so where it all began). I than have to deal with our Thin Clients which are deployed to our Customers.

First things first, we'll deal with Employee PCs/Laptops:

Shortly after I began my new venture, I learnt of HAL and the issues of Drivers the hard one, here I am, Sysprep'in a PC, capturing the image with WDS and then imaging the 10 or so of those HP machines - I'm thinking BRILLIANT couldn't be easier - WRONG haha.

Long story short (so as not to make this a WALL OF TEXT) - I discovered OfflineSysprep through the DriverPacks website, tried following the instructions posted on here (which are most def. outdated by now I'm sure), tried various applications like MySysPrep etc to no avail.

After reading through this sticky, I'm somewhat even more lost now (haha) - hearing good things about OfflineSysPrep but don't quite understand it fully, or think it suits what I'm trying to do. Here is what I have atm, and hope someone can point me in the right direction - I would be more than happy to write an update HOWTO guide for the public once this DILEMMA is over.

1. Installed XP Pro on fresh machine
2. Installed SP3 - various Hotfixes/Patches
3. Installed our companys' various required Applications (Anti-Virus, Altiris, VNC etc)
4. Downloaded all the 'latest' DriverPacks packages and extracted them all to C: (C:\D, with the .inf in C: )
5. Have all the SysPrep tools from the Deploy.cab extracted to C:\sysprep
6. ROE.exe in C:\sysprep, DPsFnshr.ini and extract DPsFnshr.7Z to C:, DevPath.exe in C: and also ATICCC.ins in there.

Then gone ahead and imaged it with Ghost (learnt the hardway, had to rebuild the above setup numerous times after 'bad' images) - and awaiting your feedback.

On a sidenote: I hope to go completly 'unattended' with WDS as I had done when I was imaging those 20 or so PCs I did successfully before (Using sysprep.inf and an unattended .xml on the WDS server).

Looking forward to hearing where I've been going wrong....

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