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Failure To Netboot pxelinux from Win32 server

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#1 LinuxSupahFly

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Posted 12 March 2010 - 11:15 AM

Here's the scoop:

I have an old Pentium 3 running Windows XP that I'm using as a server running TFTPd32 for purposes of using PXE to netboot and install Ubuntu on multiple simultaneous remote machines (old laptops, netbooks, etc - machines that can't boot from a CD or don't have a CD drive). Having never used my old Windows PC for anything like that before, I sought out the best way to accomplish this task, and used the "How to do it from Windows" directions located here: https://help.ubuntu....wsServerNetboot

The problem is that it's not working. The target machines will grab an IP address, but then return "TFTP - FILE NOT FOUND" errors.

The server log from TFTPd32 shows this:
Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:10:A4:8B:8A:81 [10/03 18:28:31.725]

DHCP: proposed address [10/03 18:28:31.740]

2748 Request 2 not processed [10/03 18:28:31.803]

Rcvd DHCP Rqst Msg for IP, Mac 00:10:A4:8B:8A:81 [10/03 18:28:32.756]

Previously allocated address acked [10/03 18:28:32.771]

Connection received from on port 2070 [10/03 18:28:32.803]

Read request for file <D&#58;\UbuntuNetInstall\ubuntu\netboot\pxelinux.0>. Mode octet &#91;10/03 18&#58;28&#58;32.803&#93;

File <D&#58;\UbuntuNetInstall\ubuntu\netboot\pxelinux.0> &#58; error 123 in system call CreateFile The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. &#91;10/03 18&#58;28&#58;32.803&#93;

2748 Request 2 not processed &#91;10/03 18&#58;28&#58;32.850&#93;

Can somebody help me? Frankly, having followed the instructions to the letter, I fail to see why this fails to netboot.

#2 LinuxSupahFly

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Posted 16 March 2010 - 08:09 PM

OK, well, I gave up on the idea of doing it from Windows, so I created a basic very minimal Linux Machine with VMWARE and did it that way. Worked on the first try, and my Guinea Pig laptop (a Pentium 3 IBM A21M Thinkpad [a P.O.S. really]) is now 75% done with the Ubuntu install.

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