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Sony Vaio SIS900 + TFTP32 PXE Install - help!

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#1 hxckid

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Posted 25 December 2009 - 06:20 PM

Hi Guys, merry Christmas!

I'm hoping someone here can help me, otherwise I'll have to fork out for a new DVD/CD drive for my Vaio or just chuck it!

My problem in thus:

I have a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT815e that tha internal DVD drive has failed on. I have no floppy drive, and USB booting isn't supported. My only option was network booting. I followed with great expectation the tutorial over at http://www.lockstock...e-boot-windows/.

All went well until I loaded the PXE after turning on my VAIO. An IP is handed out, TFTP32 shows the smaller files being transferred, but it hangs on the line: Trying to load pxelinux.cfg/default
with a blinking cursor flashing away underneath it. Need to power cycle to reset.

The bad news ( I think) is that I have Sis900 PXE Boot Rom 1.09 init 18, which I understand goes deaf, and needs some help. I read also that using etherboot would help. However, I don't use any of the DHCP servers listed on their howto page at http://etherboot.org/wiki/pxechaining - I am using TFTPD32....

So...am I screwed? Is it going to be just too complicated? I had never heard of PXE before today. If of cousre you have any other suggestions as to how I can get this thing running, please let me know.

PS. I know I could use a 2.5" HDD adaptor and install through a PC, but i'm looking for a 'now' solution as I am at my parents for the holidays :dubbio:

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

#2 was_jaclaz



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Posted 25 December 2009 - 06:45 PM

Check here:
(and given links)

to see if there is something "different" in your setup, check the tutorials/docs on boot-land, in the tftp32 sub-forum:

they are not necesarily "better" than others you may have found on the net, but they tend to have been tested and troubleshooted before.


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