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Syslinux 3.84 has been released

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Posted 20 December 2009 - 11:39 AM

Syslinux 3.84 has been released. This is a mixed minor new
features/minor bug fixes release.

Changes in 3.84:
* SYSLINUX: make the DOS installer work for MS-DOS 7.x/8.x
(Win9x/ME) again.
* HDT: updated to version 0.3.6 (numerous changes.)
* mboot.c32: now supports video mode setting if requested by
the image.
* MEMDISK: Fix floppy images of PC-DOS.
* MEMDISK: Add support for emulation of CD-ROM images; patch
by Shao Miller.
* MEMDISK: Comply with the Win9x "safe hook" standard,
allowing a protected-mode driver.
* MEMDISK: New "mBFT" ACPI table, by analogy with the iSCSI
iBFT table. This allows detection from a protected-mode
operating system without EDD support.
* 32-bit version of the gfxboot loader (gfxboot.c32), so far
experimental. This will replace gfxboot.com in the future.
* vesamenu.c32: new MENU RESOLUTION directive to set a screen
resolution other than 640x480.
* chain.c32: add support for loading isolinux.bin.
* chain.c32: make sure to always return to text mode.
* eltorito.sys: DOS driver for generic CD-ROMs; by Gary Tong
and Bart Lagerweij.


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