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Grub4EFI - Install and Service - (one way among others)

grub4efi g4e grub4dos for uefi

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Posted 16 August 2021 - 01:59 PM

The tutorial is based on one way (among others) to install and service Grub4EFI (G4E).

This way of installing worked for me, even on VirtualBox - the default way may differ from this.

Try this process on a testing-computer first - if errors occure your system may fail to start.


Install Grub4EFI


Download and extract G4E-Installer.
Mount extracted ISO to drive letter.
Here Y:
Start G4E_Menu.exe as administrator.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_06_19.png   171.44KB   5 downloads

Select and start G4E-Install of appropriate OS-architecture.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_06_38.png   276.97KB   1 downloads

If provided, at least 2 files should be listed as existing.
If not, they are extracted from script file.

Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_06_50.png   229.09KB   1 downloads
Select the EFI System Partition (ESP) drive of your computer. Ask for advice if you cannot tell.
Press [Run User Func] to mount this partition.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_07_59.png   130.47KB   1 downloads

While the process is running status messages are splashing.
When it is finished you have chance to read the log-file.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_08_33.png   128.66KB   0 downloads

The section Report(FileCopy) lists if essential files are copied.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_08_54.png   150.21KB   0 downloads
Add files as boot option to the G4E config-file (menu.lst)
Download and extract Grubmenu-xTender.
Mount extracted ISO to drive letter.
Here Z:
Run GMX_Menu.exe as administrator.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_09_20.png   173.19KB   0 downloads

Select and start Grubmenu-xTender of appropriate OS-architecture.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_09_34.png   257.11KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_09_53.png   165.6KB   0 downloads

Click [File]-[Mount Partitions]
Select the EFI System Partition (ESP) drive of your computer.
Press [Run User Func] to mount this partition.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_10_01.png   163.66KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_10_11.png   171.37KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_10_20.png   165.42KB   0 downloads

If exists, G4E-menu.lst is detected and listed.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_10_31.png   165.63KB   0 downloads

To store G4E boot files a certain folder is required (no spaces in path).
Create / select this folder in the belonging dialog.

Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_10_44.png   165.69KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_10_59.png   158KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_11_14.png   156.64KB   0 downloads
Next choose the boot-file you want to start from G4E-menu.
Menu title is set automatically.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_11_28.png   165.83KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_11_39.png   141.8KB   0 downloads

Select the appropriate template for this file. Here: ISO
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_11_51.png   179.29KB   0 downloads

In case you want to change the menu title, reload the strings when done.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_12_20.png   177.14KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_12_27.png   180.7KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_12_43.png   177.52KB   0 downloads

You have to confirm the install command to start the process.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_12_51.png   175.89KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_12_57.png   176.84KB   0 downloads

If a FileCopy is done and WinContig is detected, the file is examined.
Occuring errors concerning the language file can be ignored.
These errors appeare only if started from readonly media.

Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_13_04.png   180.98KB   1 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_13_12.png   181.72KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_13_22.png   142.78KB   0 downloads

Restart to have a look at the G4E menu.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_14_20.png   183KB   2 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_14_27.png   7.38KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_15_08_2021_19_14_35.png   6.1KB   1 downloads


Hope this successfully lets you create a G4E menu on your computer.


Big thanks to all who have their share in the development of Grub4EFI.
I would be very grateful for any suggestions and ideas for improvement of this tutorial.
Regards   Tokener






Ein großes Dankeschön an alle, die ihren Anteil an der Entwicklung von Grub4EFI haben.



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