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How to add custom PE to Bootmenu

windows pe bootmenu bootmanager

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Posted 06 August 2021 - 06:07 AM

How to add custom PE to Bootmenu via PE-Customizer

This should work on all NT6 systems with bootmgr (Vista to 10). Details may vary.

Here: Windows 10x64

Run PE-Customizer as Administrator.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_22_09.png   207.5KB   0 downloads

Check you have Wimlib-imagex correctly specified.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_22_19.png   221.31KB   0 downloads


---Create custom PE---
Here: run [PE from ESD].
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_24_52.png   163.91KB   0 downloads

Select favorite Windows ESD file. Check UEFI requirement!
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_25_16.png   138.65KB   0 downloads

Select target path for resulting PE. (No spaces in path!)
Here: next to WindowsRE
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_26_15.png   135.09KB   0 downloads

Check settings and start process.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_26_29.png   170.88KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_26_48.png   168.35KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_27_15.png   170.24KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_28_42.png   188.54KB   0 downloads


---Add custom tools to PE---
Here: BBLean (Included in Archive)

Run self-extracting file as Administrator.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_29_00.png   192.09KB   0 downloads

Specify a location for archive to be extracted.
Here: Desktop (subfolder will be created)
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_29_21.png   205.4KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_29_31.png   202.98KB   0 downloads

Select this subfolder in the PE-Customizer GUI (Add Files).
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_29_45.png   193.84KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_30_03.png   149.44KB   0 downloads

[COPY] Base-WIM.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_30_45.png   193.43KB   0 downloads

[INJECT] additional files.
Here: BBLean (previously extracted)
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_30_58.png   192.61KB   0 downloads

[BUILD] PE. (oscdimg not required - ignore warning, if appears)
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_31_16.png   185.64KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_31_53.png   185.66KB   0 downloads


---Add PE to Bootmenu---
Change Boot menu style to legacy. (optional)
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_32_11.png   183.36KB   0 downloads

Select [PE to BCD], check settings and start process.
Here: label for boot menu entry set to CustomPE
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_32_27b.png   189.13KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_32_36.png   185.03KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_32_50.png   181.16KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_33_03.png   189.23KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_33_21.png   191.92KB   0 downloads

When finished, close Windows, restart and switch to PE entry.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_34_11.png   233.11KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_34_20.png   7.37KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_34_26.png   9.92KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_34_34.png   8.66KB   0 downloads

Start PE system.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_34_44.png   2.8KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_34_51.png   8.96KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_35_17.png   622.11KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_36_58.png   356.47KB   0 downloads


If you want to remove the PE entry from boot menu:
Select [BCD Modification][Remove BCD Entries]
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_38_36.png   195.5KB   0 downloads

Select entry and [Run User Func] to remove it.

Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_05_08_2021_11_38_56.png   176.38KB   0 downloads



You can see by the timeline it took 16 minutes to do this. (ESD download not included)

In real mode it can be done in a few minutes.


Good luck   T.

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