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Easy convert ESD to ISO

esd to iso esd iso windows esd windows iso convert esd to iso

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Posted 31 July 2021 - 11:21 AM


Easy convert ESD to ISO


Download PE-Customizer here on Reboot.pro.

Run PE-Customizer as administrator.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_21_26.png   185.39KB   1 downloads


Program is scanning required files: (oscdimg and wimlib-imagex)
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_22_02.png   227.01KB   1 downloads


Note: Chapters in BLUE only necessary in case of missing file(s).


Use [GetWAIKTools (JFX)] in case of missing helper-files.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_22_25.png   173.39KB   0 downloads


Select download target path for helper-files.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_23_30.png   154.96KB   0 downloads


Make a rule for GWT.exe if your firewall is restricting network traffic.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_23_41.png   182.4KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_24_45.png   181.35KB   0 downloads


If download was successful register ADK-files.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_24_54.png   180.1KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_25_03.png   182.6KB   0 downloads


In this situation (invalid path) select wimlib-imagex manually.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_25_13.png   186.23KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_26_43.png   175.98KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_27_13.png   156.84KB   0 downloads


You can start if all required files are specified.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_27_23.png   188.34KB   0 downloads

Select [ESD to ISO] from menu.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_27_30.png   175.48KB   0 downloads

Select Windows ESD source-file ...
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_27_52.png   158.39KB   0 downloads

... and set output target file name.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_28_13.png   140.65KB   0 downloads

Set label for ISO-file.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_28_32.png   178.78KB   0 downloads

Start conversion if settings are correct.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_28_41.png   185.81KB   0 downloads

Stage 1: Boot preparations running ...
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_29_08.png   179.68KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_29_42.png   179.65KB   0 downloads

Select [YES] to add images when stage 1 has finished.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_29_50.png   186.43KB   0 downloads

Select images to add to ISO and press [Run User Func].
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_30_04.png   183.2KB   1 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_30_30.png   190.21KB   0 downloads

Stage 2: Image export running ...
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_30_53.png   179.71KB   0 downloads

Open output-folder when process has finished.
Attached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_33_44.png   188.71KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_34_28.png   58.71KB   0 downloadsAttached File  VirtualBox_10Px64_EN 2_31_07_2021_08_36_16.png   184.84KB   1 downloads


Best regards   Tokener

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