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Download CoolInstall 3.0.1610 Plus

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The official version of the system installation tool CoolInstall 2.0 is released!

This tool supports WIM\ESD\GHO\ISO, VHD(X) installation, Wimboot, Compact mode installation, multi-system installation, multi-system boot repair (BIOS+UEFI).

About the plugin
You can add your own system to automatically call a third-party program or batch after decompression.
The default directory for plug-in search is Plug-in, which can be customized.
The software searches for the plug-in directory in the root directory of the program by default (single-file version is not available) or the plug-in directory in the root directory of the disk partition.
The searched plug-ins will be automatically added to the drop-down box. You can also manually select the specified exe or BAT file.
After manually selecting the specified exe, if you need to add parameters, please follow the path + space + parameters by yourself.
There are two variables in the parameter to get the boot partition (%bp%) and the installation partition (%ip%).

About the default settings
The default values of some options on the interface can be modified by yourself,
After setting up according to your own habits,
Right-click on the software title bar-save the settings.
Some settings need to be manually modified CoolInstall.ini.
TitleLng=1 The software title is: CoolInstall
TitleLng=0 The software title is: Play Cool Home System Installation Tool
SubTitle=Windows Install Tool The software subtitle is: Windows Install Tool
For more related settings, please open CoolInstall.ini. There is an introduction in it.

About image search
Automatically search for images can be self-defining and fixed one or several folders,
You can also set all disk search, you can set 0, 1, 2, and 3 levels of directory depth search.
The corresponding fields of the configuration file (CoolInstall.ini) are as follows:
SearchLevel=2 This value is the search depth, where 2 means that the second-level directories are searched at most. Settable value: 0, 1, 2, 3
SearchType=0 search type, 0 means fixed folder search (with SearchDir), 1 means search all folders (with SearchLevel).
SearchDir=esd,gho,wim,iso,ghost Search for fixed folder values, separated by commas.

About the default system version
WIM and ESD formats, the default selection version can be preset,
The corresponding fields of CoolInstall.ini are as follows:
DefaultSysEdition=Ultimate Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition
Priority is the default choice of Ultimate Edition, followed by Professional Edition, and then Enterprise Edition.
If this parameter is left blank, the default version will not be selected.

About formatting
The version released by default will prompt for mandatory formatting of the pre-installation partition when installing WIM and ESD before it can be installed.
If you are used to formatting by yourself, you can tick [When installing WIM and ESD systems, please do not format the pre-installation partition for me. 】
You can also modify the corresponding field of CoolInstall.ini: NoFormatting=1, a value of 1 means check.

About advanced mode
Adding the driver function requires DISM support in PE,
If there is no DISM or DISM abnormality in PE, this function will be invalid.

If unattended use the XML file that comes with the software,
You will be prompted to enter the local account, computer name, and workgroup.
If it is not entered, it will be installed using the default configuration in the software.
User-defined XML is not affected by this.

About multi-system boot repair
When the system is installed by default, rebuild boot can be checked, and the software will automatically repair the multi-system boot.
You can also run the repair tool separately by right-clicking on the software title bar-multi-system boot repair.

About VHD virtual disk
This tool supports creating, attaching, and detaching virtual disks (VHD, VHDX).
When installing, please judge by yourself whether the current environment supports the installation of the corresponding system.

About system installation mode
This tool currently supports Wimboot and Compact mode installation systems.
When installing, please judge by yourself whether the current environment supports the installation of the corresponding system.

About multilingual
This tool currently supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Turkish.
The default display language automatically changes with the current system environment.

Regarding multi-language: If you have friends who have studied other languages, I hope you can download the following electronic form and translate it for CoolInstall, thank you!
Download .Lng:http://www.wk78.com/...nstall/1033.rar
After translation, you can reply to this post. Or send it to me by mail. (Liming@wk78.com) Thank you!

What's New in Version 3.0.1610 Plus (See full changelog)

  • CoolInstall3.0.1610 Plus update content (2022.04.13)
  • Added SWM format, official full format support~
  • When the installation fails, the taskbar progress bar changes from green to red.
  • The PID processing method is used to judge the process and end the process.
  • Resolved an issue where a folder with spaces in it caused the installation to fail in rare cases.
  • Solve the problem that the 2022.04.01 version, adding the driver crashes.


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