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Dism Mount Service


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Posted 10 November 2022 - 01:53 PM

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File Name: Dism Mount Service
File Submitter: Tokener
File Submitted: 10 Nov 2022
File Updated: 26 May 2023
File Category: Tools

Dism Mount Service (DMS)
is a tool to load Windows Image files (esd/ffu/wim/swm) from explorer context menu.

It is a frontend for dism.exe and since dism version of win8 it has full spectrum support,
while dism.exe of win7 does only mount files.

- Install it by "/s" switch.
- You can select a custom dism.exe (v.10 from winAIK) by [File] - [Select Dism File] menu entry.

If appropriate DISM file is specified:
- Mount / Apply / Delete / Export / Capture / Append images.
- Servicing capabilities are available.
- Capture attached disk to FFU file.

- Directories can be substituted and released.
- There are several options / switches for installation and usage.
- UnMount Directory directly from explorer context-menu.

some details:
- press [F5] to update current tab.
- if you leave the fields free for Name / Description (FFU file) default strings are: Model / ComputerName - Disk#
- Use EXTRAS -> CHECK SETTINGS -> Regedit -> export (and edit) settings as "default.reg" in Script-Dir.
"default.reg" (if present in Script-Dir) will be loaded when starting DismMountService.exe.
If loaded, an additional button will appear next to the progressbar in the top-line.

Hope you like it. T.

The support thread is here on reboot.pro.

Due to a dism issue /wimboot option does not work for capturing.
Use wimlib-clc to capture image in wimboot-mode.
Related: Adding WIMBoot capability to a previously captured Volume-image.

Windows 10 does not allow processes to access drives which are mounted (by Subst) with elevated rights.

Windows provides assigning drive-letters to mount-points, so with this workaround WIM / ESD images can be attached like ISO-files.

Click here to download this file

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