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Download Load_RamDisk v1.1 (2022-09-03)

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ramdisk imdisk

Inspired by PS_X64.exe by wimb, I made Load_RamDisk_x64.exe program in AutoIt3, useful to find, in any drive, and to run \RamDisk\ImDisk.cmd, that in turn will Load to Ram (or will attach as filedisk) the selected VHD or IMG file, as long as the VHD or IMG file are located into same drive where RamDisk folder is.

ImDisk.cmd can be edited to change the VHD or IMG file name of your favorite file, and also the drive letter where it will be loaded to Ram.

Now with "Load_RamDisk Installer.exe", it will create \Program Files\ImDisk folder, links on desktop and creates a service that automatically runs every boot Load_RamDisk_x64.exe, then when we reach the desktop our prefered VHD or IMG file is already loaded to Ram or attached as filedisk to our selected drive letter, and ready to use. The installer runs on %Temp% and autodeletes once finish its task.

NOTE: Old version 1.0 is still available, after pressing Download button.

It can also be run manually just by putting Load_RamDisk_x64.exe in the desktop, and only run it on demand.

Load_RamDisk is very usefull when booting a VHD or WinPE from USB devices to easily load on Ram a second VHD or IMG file, as every time we plugg the USB in a different PC, the drives get a different letter, and the path to the VHD or IMG file very possible will have changed.

During my first tests I used a very reduced set of files from ImDisk: only imdisk.sys, imdisk.cpl, imdisk.exe, and the ImDisk.cmd, (with required parameters), and providing a REG file to create a service for imdisk.sys, in fact all was working fine this way.

But changed my mind, and decided to better have as a pre-requisite to install ImDisk v2.1.1 by Olof Lagerkvist, as the used space for the full version is very small, and includes awealloc and devio drivers too, (that may be useful later to improve ImDisk.cmd capabilities), also this way the installer does all the work related to ImDisk.

ImDisk v2.1.1
Page: http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html/
Download link: http://www.ltr-data..../imdiskinst.exe

NOTE: ImDisk Toolkit by v77, can be used too, as it also installs ImDisk v2.1.1 files and some other usefull utilities and libreries, additionally it is translated to several languajes, (by the way I'm the Spanish translator).

To include Load_RamDisk_x64.exe in your new WinPE build, please see this post

Load_Ramdisk loads an IMG or VHD (both can be LZX Compacted) file to Ram (to selectable drive letter), useful when having enought Ram available.

The CMD file ca be also edited to attach/mount as FileDisk (NOT as RamDisk) an IMG or VHD file, just follow the instructions into the CMD file.

For PCs with limited amount of Ram (4 GB or less), I recomment to better use this other program option, no pre-requisite to install ImDisk v2.1.1 required:

VHD to fixed drive mounts as filedisk a VHD file to fixed Y drive, useful when Ram is limited.

Password = alacran

To take a look to the included README file, just open following spoiler:


And this is the content of the very simple CMD file, edited on 2022-08-30.

Hope you enjoy it as I do.


What's New in Version v1.1 (2022-09-03) (See full changelog)

  • v1.1 Now with "Load_RamDisk Installer.exe", it will create \Program Files\ImDisk folder and links on desktop and create a service that automatically runs every boot Load_RamDisk_x64.exe. The installer runs on %Temp% and autodeletes once finish its task.

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