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Make ramdisks even faster

ramdisk cores

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Posted 15 August 2014 - 11:25 PM


Tried using that Radeon ramdisk, it was a hit and miss. The best I got was...


I am guessing that it's the way I have the RAM installed. Apperantly each CPU has it's own set of RAM sockets for RAM management, so each CPU would manage it's own set of RAM. Currantly only one CPU is the only one managing the RAM,  because I installed all memories all in one set of socket and it is filled. The Supermicro board has four sets of sockets and each set has 8 sockets per sets. Also like you have mentioned, "useless feature for real world applications" and with that in mind, still Ramdisk is still pretty fast, especially booting Windows in it, and no need to worry about a virus, just simply reboot and presto, gone. Provided it didn't start infecting your primary hard drive. Nice thing about Xeon, they seems to be more rebust machine and we have the abilities that most PC owners do not have... a massively huge RAMdisk, and still have the abilitie to do thing that normal PC users can do. All in all though, I am quite happy with my Xeon rig, it does everything else quite well. It is a shame that our Xeons cannot even reach frequancies like some Processors out there, but we are sure loaded with cores and RAM. So I guess it comes down to this, i7 for speed, or Xeon for huge amount of RAM and cores. Sadly most application cannot see all the cores available to it, at most I have seen it can only see maybe up to 32 cores, including hyperthreaded one and even less so for actually using it. The most DataRAM could use is up to 20 cores including hyperthreaded ones, that means 10 real ones. As the Radeon ramdisk, It will not even run on Windows Server, so that actually reduce the capacity of my rig, since Windows 8 cannot use no more than 2 actuall proccessors. Surprisangly seemingly got that best IO read as pictured above :unsure:.


:lol:, that is funny, but sadly the RAM will not work on Xeon based machine ;).

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Posted 28 August 2014 - 05:24 PM

very interresting topic , i wonder if pigeon can bench this one : http://www.softperfe...oducts/ramdisk/

it comes from australia too ;']

#28 Brokenstorm

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Posted 27 November 2014 - 10:33 AM

Pigeon you are actually getting results quite close to the peak of what you are going to get with a RamDisk on your system.

As far as I know there are no RamDisks that can take advantage of multiple channel memory as it would require them to be able to map themselves in RAM so that they are spread across those memory channel and it would also require that they keep track of that memory (which would require a memory controller and I'm not aware of any memory controller implemented in software)


The peak bandwidth for 800MHz DDR3 is 6400MB/s, so your dual CPU system would peak at 12.8GB/s with RamDisks that are able to take advantage of both you CPUs.



Regarding v77's comment, I'm pretty sure Anvil's benchmark explicitly makes sure not to use the CPU cache.

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