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Changes in reg2WBS 4.6.1

Version 4.6.1
  • Added processing of multiline REG_SZ type. Sorry, WinBuilder script lines are coded as binaries.
Version 4.5.1
  • Removed internall debug call which brought reg2WBS to hang, because it waited (invisible for the user) for an input.
Version 4.5.0
  • Fixed output of regedit 4 ansi strings.
Version 4.4.2
  • skip comment lines starting with semicolon.
Version 4.4.1
  • Fixed bug when key name contained a comma
Version 4.4.0
  • 4.4.0 Changed RegWriteBin to RegWriteBinEx to allow types like REG_RESOURCE_LIST and REG_RESOURCE_REQUIREMENT_LIST
Version 4.3.0
  • 4.3.0 First uploaded version