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VHD_W7_Compact - Program to make Mini 7

mini7 usb vhd win7

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VHD_W7_Compact - Program to make Mini 7


VHD_W7_Compact - Program to make Mini 7

Download and Run VHD_W7C_75.exe and Extract to simple path

In Win 7/8 OS Set User Account Control Off and Reboot

VHD_W7_Compact.exe - Make Portable Win 7 in 2 GB VHD booting from USB or HDD
x64 version needs 3 GB VHD because of extra 1 GB SysWOW64 folder

Source is Windows 7 fresh installed in 10 GB VHD Or on primary active partition of internal harddisk

Ultimate Windows 7 VHD files make use of Microsoft VHD HBA driver which allows in Boot Manager Menu to boot VHD as FILEDISK
Booting VHD files from Grub4dos Menu as FILEDISK or as RAMDISK requires to Install in Source VHD either FiraDisk Or WinVBlock driver
Additinally Installed Programs and Drivers and Settings are remembered in FILEDISK just like in normal Windows OS

Add Drivers from makebt\drivers to system32\DriverStore\FileRepository is applied for Portable version by using Dism.exe
Run first VHD_W7C_drivers.exe plugin to add useful extra drivers to makebt\drivers folder.
Download VHD_W7C_drivers from http://reboot.pro/fi...versexe-plugin/

Let Portable version boot on different hardware to make it Universal by Install of Drivers.
Use Universal Portable Win7 VHD as Source to make Mini 7 VHD that can boot in any case on all experienced hardware.
Mini 7 has smallest Size of about 600 MB by removing Windows Media Player and by further reduction of system32 and DriverStore.
Mini 7 is very useful to Boot from RAMDISK on known hardware, since servicing for Adding Driver Packages has also been removed.

Build-in Defraggler is useful to Defrag files within the Win7 VHD, but post processing is also possible after mounting the Win7 VHD.

VHD_W7_Compact.exe can create Boot Menu entry on HDD or USB Boot Drive for the Win7 VHD on NTFS Target System Drive.
VHD entry is added to Boot Manager Menu and Grub4dos Menu is made when FiraDisk or WinVBlock driver is found.

Program UEFI_MULTI can be used in Win 7/8/7PE OS to make other HDD or USB drives bootable with the created Win 7 VHD.
http://reboot.pro/to...182-uefi-multi/ Or http://www.911cd.net...showtopic=25269

BOOT_IMG.exe makes Grub4dos Boot Menu on Target Boot Drive for VHD on NTFS Target System Drive (FileCopy of VHD occurs if not yet present)


More Info http://reboot.pro/to...to-make-mini-7/