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howto install WSL in a VM hyperV under W10PRO?

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Posted 2 weeks ago


Because my English is bad, I explain my need in a lot of words, like a baby to be better understood, maybe it will be too long.

My context :i use a computer under W10 PRO with HyperV active .

In this OS, i create a VM : "vm-W11"

I install W11 (22000-194) in this VM "vm-W11"

In this VM "vm-W11", i install the  WSL2.

I download ubuntu 2004 from "windows store".

I install manually this "ubuntu 2004"

The reference sites are :



i follow explanations of this sites for the manual installation.

- download manually "ubuntu 2004" from "windows store"  ( https://aka.ms/wslubuntu2004)

- change extension "appx" to "zip"

- unzip this file

- copy install.tar.gz to D:\

As these sites explain, i install the "kernel for linux" update and the "virtual Machine Platform" FOD.

The issue occurs for the "import" with : "wsl --import ubuntu2004 d:\ubunto2004 d:\install.tar.gz"

the error is " file not found"

I use procmon and it's not a missing file.

I search on web.... some sites say for my context ( wsl in a VM over hyperV)  i need "nested virtualization"

The site explains how to enable  this :


So, i enable it for the VM "vm-W11" ( the one VM where WSL trys to run ).

When the VM boots : error "Nested virtualization is not valid for this platform"


first question : Does HyperV on W10PRO enable nested virtualization ? or do i make an error ?


I'll try with the VHD ( w11 and WSL ) in a physical computer. But not today.


second question : is it possible to run WSL in a VM under HYPERV on W10 PRO ?

If yes, do you see a diffrence this my try?

Thank by in advance.




Ps : perhaps you ask me : why do this?  It's because it's winter and in winter, i play to add WSL in winpe. A game as other one...i finish to add hyperV in winpe11 (22000-194). And yes, it's not usefull for other ones. But winter is cold.


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