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USB Format Tool and UEFI_MULTI

iso linux wim vhd grub4dos grub2 boot manager format usb

Best Answer wimb , 17 December 2020 - 09:05 AM

Update USB_FORMAT-63 and UEFI_MULTI-63 plus Addons and VHD_WIMBOOT_Trusted-65


Download:  from wimb GitHub  -   USB_FORMAT-63 and UEFI_MULTI-63


and  VHD_WIMBOOT_Trusted-65 and Win_Reduce_Trusted-52 and SVBus_INST_Trusted-20  and Win_Debloat-28


Download File E = Encrypted Password = bootwimb   -   Always Disable Windows Defender when working with signed SVBus driver !!


Manual:  VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf  to make Mini 7/8/10 x64 in VHD with UsedSize about 2 GB


- Added UEFI Grub4dos  and  a1ive UEFI Grub2 for UEFI booting Mini 7/8/10 x64 VHD from RAMDISK - Use Super UEFI setting for UEFI Secure booting
- Added signed SVBus driver for UEFI booting VHD from RAMDISK


Credits and Thanks to:

synchronicity aka Eric Biggers for making wimlib

schtrom for making SVBus Virtual SCSI Host Adapter for GRUB4DOS - signed SVBus driver
a1ive for making UEFI Grub2
yaya2007 and a1ive for making UEFI Grub4dos aka Grub4efi or G4E

a1ive for making Grub2 File Manager

- ventoy for making Linux vDisk Boot Plugin that allows to use Grub2 vdiskchain to boot Linux VHD
alacran for help and support and testing and initialising several important topics
- liuzhaoyzz for help in solving boot_image_handle not found problem in case of UEFI Grub4dos

cdob for making WinSxS_reduce
ValdikSS for making Super UEFIinSecureBoot Disk v3 - More Info on UEFI Secure booting Grub2

chenall, yaya, tinybit and Bean for making Grub4dos

JFX for making WinNTSetup and WofCompress

- Pauly for making BOOTICE

- Mattwatti for making EfiGuard to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement DSE

- erwan.l for making offlinereg
- Nir Sofer for making AdvancedRun (64-bit)
- Sordum for making Defender Control  and  Windows Update Blocker  and  PowerRun  and  Firewall App Blocker

and everyone else that has contributed to these topics - W4RH4WK Debloat PowerShell scripts

and to Erwan.l and Nuno Brito for keeping alive this forum, sometimes called an old lady ....  ;)


More Info:  VHD_WIMBOOT Mini 7/8/10 x64  and   Grub4dos for UEFI aka GRUB4EFI Or G4E


[attachment=17676:USB_FORMAT_51_2020-12-17_103331.jpg] == [attachment=17677:UEFI_MULTI_51_2020-12-17_103534.jpg] == VHD_WIMBOOT_47_2021-01-04_100522.jpg == Win_Reduce_38_2020-11-30_125950.jpg == UEFI_RAMOS_10_2020-12-26_133815.jpg == UEFI_USB_2020-12-26_101643.jpg == W11x64_2021-10-03_145700.jpg == W11x64_WB_2021-10-03_153529.jpg == Mini-11x64_RAMDISK_2021-10-03_154502.jpg


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Update USB_FORMAT-63


Download:  from GitHub USB_FORMAT-63


Addon Files did not change - so no need to download Addon files


Download File E = Encrypted Password = bootwimb


Update Manual:  VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf


- Add VHD is preconfigured for Mini-10x64.vhd FileName

- Super UEFI Grub2 Manager for Secure Boot is Default Selected in case USB_FORMAT-63-addon-agFM is present


It means after USB_FORMAT you can simply Copy Mini-10x64.vhd file to  NTFS USB System Drive and the Boot Menu entries will work



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