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Burn from iTunes?

itunes audible

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Posted 11 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

I just ordered an ISOStick on the assumption that this will work, and that I'll be able to return it if not.

Here is my intended use for it: I want to "burn" CDs using iTunes from Audible. 

I used to be able to "burn" iso files from audible audiobooks, which I could then rip (or convert the .iso files to .wav files) so that I could process them in Audacity.  That was using Nero to do the burns.  But Audible has now disabled CD burning from Nero and allows only iTunes to do the CD burning.  iTunes won't burn to .iso files, the way Nero did.

I tried burning CDRWs, but they are soooo slow to burn, it takes forever.  Now I'm burning and wasting CDRs.  I can afford that, but it bugs me.


The reason I need to do this is that I have hearing problems. In Audacity I can correct the sound profile to match my hearing loss, compress, and boost the level a bit, so that I can hear my audiobooks on my Android phone.  Yeah, I know there's an Audible app on Android, but without the audio processing, I have a hard time with default sound profile.

I'm hoping I can "burn" cds to the flash card using ISOStick, and then either access iso files or at least rip them so I can get the files into Audacity. 

Burning from iTunes is limited; when burning Audible files, iTunes refuses to let you burn CDMP3 format or go to files on the hard drive.  It looks like this may prove a nice workaround.

Has anybody tried this?

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