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Introduction to ISOstick

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 03:46 PM

Seems we will have to live with a 82x CD-Drive then. ;)


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Posted 23 March 2012 - 08:16 PM

Thanks for this, I just tested it today on an Optiplex GX620 and it worked, however the oddities of the BIOS mean that it only works in a certain way.

To get it working I had to do the following.

  • Plug the Zalman in in ODD mode and select ISO while machine was on.
  • Powered off machine and disconnected internal ODD.
  • Rebooted machine and hit F1 at the error about missing internal ODD
  • Machine then booted from the ISO on the Zalman. :clap:
I also noticed when testing this that when you hit F12 at boot and select the option 'Internal or USB ODD' the machine looks for the internal drive only and because it is disconnected throws an error, however if I then hit F1 to continue the machine booted off of the Zalman, but only because the boot order of the machine I was on was set to ODD then HDD.

So in order to get the Zalman to boot when in ODD mode, on the old Dell optiplex's you need to disconnect the internal ODD and make sure the Boot order is set correctly in order for it to work. I will test this on other models to make sure, alot of our clients still use the old optiplex's so testing won't be too difficult.

Thanks for the test results.

Rather than disconnect the internal ODD, why not just disable it in the BIOS menu - then it should boot straight to the ZalMan - or is there no option to disable the internal ODD?

Good Idea. I didnt check to see if that option was available.

Yeah, the chip I'm using limits me to roundabout 12MB/s read and ~10MB/s write. It should be SDXC compatible in terms of storage space (this is yet untested, but if at all possible I will patch to make it work), but the top speed will remain the same in that case.

Any News on the release date.

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