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Download DISM-scratchspace 2

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scratch space post-build

Increase the scratch space (available, writable space) on X: on your X/Y USBstick, post-build. This script uses DISM.EXE which should be present in your Winbuilder build already, and is preset to use 512MB. No need for additional files. It will modify your WIM file present at Y:\sources\boot.wim and does some error checking.

Why? Well, Winbuilder is set to 128MB scratch space, and some apps are larger, and some stubborn apps and installers want to install themselves to the boot drive (with no option to change). Some trial apps leave registry entries that won't let you reinstall them after the first expiration date. And many fail to install because of insufficient temporary space. If possible, I like to use Winbuilder as a virtual machine on new apps that I don't yet trust on my 'good machines'. Changes, installs, modifications, and additions you make on X: and in the registry ARE NOT saved. Winbuilder is GREAT!

However, changing the scratch space to your BOOT.WIM file is permanently saved. This script will modify the same WIM you booted from (unless you change it). I suggest keeping a copy of your original BOOT.WIM just in case.

I found information to increase the WIM scratch space at MSFT and elsewhere. You can modify WIM files after they are built. Your choices of scratch space are 128/256/512 MB. If the host machine has little RAM, you probably don't want to run this. See notes.

I now have X: 456.34 MB (2.49MB used, 453.85 MB free) and the rest of the 16GB USBstick is for Y:

(Tested on Winbuilder [080] using Win7 Pro x64. I know it is old. It should work on [082] with no modifications, but I learned the hard way that alternating back and forth between [080] and [082] will mess up some internal Winbuilder scripts because Winbuilder modifies itself)

As many have noted, DISM rejects scratchspace settings beyond 512MB. As an aside, I found forum notes at reboot.pro from Joakim from 2009 about using a registry hack to get 1024 MB Winbuilder scratch space, and was not able to get it to work.

What's New in Version 2 (See full changelog)

  • v1 was plain BATfile.
  • v2 is first public version; colorized output of BATfile if ANSICON is also installed in your build.

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