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[Release] PBRVIEW.G4B to view FAT/NTFS/exFAT Partition Boot Records - Page 2


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#1 deomsh


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Posted 4 weeks ago

I had to start a new 'Page 2': current maximum of 25 posts has been reached already.

BTW to read 'First' page: if oscillating click the main link: http://reboot.pro/in...showtopic=22781 and start reading from the beginning (better logout too).




Wonko: thanks!


With one exception the exFAT names I used in PBRVIEW.G4B v0.1 are exactly the same as on ntfs.com.


About the 16 chars: only exFAT has it's own routine with only ONE style (except colors). FAT12+16/FAT32 and NTFS start with a shared routine and have currently FOUR styles (with four colors).

I even managed to give exFAT more space in v0.2, exactly to display the 31 chars long name you mentioned in Post #25. Probably I was just lucky with the horizontal tabs in this case. :blink:


Your names/ classification FAT12+16/FAT32 and NTFS were closest to Microsoft's, with the 15 chars I mentioned in Post #3 (later without big problems extended to 16 chars. But I can give you more chars if you like, only I will have to write a variation with the column's of the PowerQuest style (which has a different classification in case of NTFS).

#2 Wonko the Sane

Wonko the Sane

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Naaah, it is simply not worth the hassle, though (I haven't looked at all at your script) personally in the past, in similar cases, I never trusted Tabs as they are (not only in grub4dos) a bit "quirky", maybe "padding" the labels with spaces  could be an option.


NOT needed in this case, but for future use something loosely like:

set mylabel=Pippo
set padding=.<imagine here 20 spaces>.
set mylabel=%Pippo%%padding:~1,20%
set mylabel=%mylabel:~0,20%
echo %mylabel%

Otherwise ECHOing at a given position (echo -P:xxyy)? :unsure:




#3 deomsh


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Posted 4 weeks ago

I agree, if I started again from scratch I would replace my 1334 horizontal tabs with something better.


Your 'padding'-lines look good, simpler than the sub-routine I used in my 'ATTRIB' script's to find 8+3 names in FAT-directory entries.


And indeed: 'echo -P:vvhh' is another possibility, i used this in other scripts. One problem is vertical (xx!) and horizontal (yy!) decimal values must have preceding zero's if <=9. So in such cases always extra lines needed to 'set v=0%v%'. But I believe recent changes solved this, IF using hexa-decimal values (no real experience yet).


Personally I would go for using 'call Fn.5 %h% %v%' to set fixed columns - which needs a separate sub-routine because the return values of call Fn.5 are not consistent*. But this one is quite simple and has no drawbacks, so can be used between echo-statements on one line:

#-#+ Sub-routine to call Fn.5 - %~1=h, %~2=v
#-# Use: call :Fn.5 "%h%" "%v%"
call Fn.5 %~1 %~2
goto :eof

BTW the double-quote chars are not needed in this case, but give better 'sight' (to my already quite old eyes).

In certain lines of PBRVIEW.G4B I used this method already, if values can vary between one and more than seven chars.


* see grub4dos issue #382: https://github.com/c...4dos/issues/382




In between update of PBRVIEW.G4B is ready: https://github.com/d...leases/tag/v0.2


Version 0.2:
Bug fixes
Added switch with 'Good names' of Jaclaz/ Wonko the Sane
Update of exFAT names
Added notes in Default view (except exFAT)

Exit in case of grub4efi text mode

Added negative values on NTFS: BPB_ClusPerMft & BPB_ClusPerIndx
Calculation of byte-values if negative values on NTFS in '/JL' & Default view  (+ switch name)

#4 deomsh


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Posted 4 days ago

Bugfix: correct display of file-system for boot sectors FAT12>=32MB: https://github.com/d...ases/tag/v0.2.1


Action print-screens for FAT12 image size 126.98MB:


PBRVIEW v0.2.1 finds FAT12 from 32MB upwards.png MKFATIMG --size=127m (rd) -FAT12 -FDD -BOOT + CALCD for 126.98m.png fat info and FATINFO.G4B -T (rd) on 126.98m FAT image .png


BTW new script MKFATIMG.G4B will be ready soon

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: grub4dos

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