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How to integrate 'Win 8.1 Installer' within 'Win8.1SE' ?

win8.1se winbuilder 8.2 windows setup winpe boot.wim dual winpe multiboot win8.1se_x86.wim win8.1se_x64.wim setup.exe

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Posted 09 November 2014 - 07:02 PM

Hello Everyone.....

I know about 'WinNTSetup v.3.7.2' but It does not allow me to choose 'Repair your Computer' option which we normally choose within from official Windows Installer. So I want to create a 'Win8.1SE_x86/x64_boot.wim' which will automatically pop-up 'Win 8.1 Installer' when Boot to Desktop. I also want to add 'Install Windows' shortcut in the desktop of 'Win8.1SE' in order to run 'w8186.exe/w8164.exe' manually so that I can start 'Win 8.1 Installer' directly form desktop shortcut. Actually I want to use 'Win8.1SE_x86/x64_boot.wim' both as WinPE and as normal 'boot.wim' in order to save disk space in my USB Drive. I think It should be possible but I am unable to find out any tutorial which can fulfill my goal. 'HALIKUS' had also asked for the same in Oven.org/index.php?topic=830.msg10561#msg10561, But exact solution is not posted anywhere till now......

\sources\install.wim (32-bit)
\sources\install.esd (64-bit)


Following is a look of my desired  'Win8.1SE_x86/x64_boot.wim'...........  :) 





Actually I want to create a Windows Setup similar to 'Ubuntu Live CD' which 'Boot to Desktop' and pop-up with 'Install Ubuntu' dialog box and also have a desktop shortcut option for Installing Ubuntu into the Internal Hard disk . Similiarly I want from Windows. i.e  WinPE will load into the RAM and 'Boot to Desktop' and pop-up with 'Install Windows' dialong box and also have a deskop shortcut for Installing Windows within from WinPE.


If anybody know about this, then please help me in creating desired 'Win8.1SE_x86/x64_boot.wim' files.


Thanks in Advance............

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Posted 15 November 2014 - 04:56 AM

AFAIK, Every 'boot.wim' has two Indexes. i.e  Index #1 and Index #2



1. Microsoft Windows PE - Win8.1SE_x86.wim -

WIM Information:
GUID: {8954C4EC-EB99-4A9C-8D32-CA37A9D4C8BE}
Image Count: 1
Compression: XPRESS
Part Number: 1/1
Boot Index: 1
Attributes: 0x8

Image Index: 1
Name: Win8.1_x86
Description: Win8.1_x86
Flags: 9
Files: 5318
Folders: 434
Expanded Size: 687 MB

2. Microsoft Windows Setup - Normal 'boot.wim' -

WIM Information:
GUID: {C34E6AEB-2593-41A2-B03B-7B84F4829642}
Image Count: 2
Compression: LZX
Part Number: 1/1
Boot Index: 2
Attributes: 0xC

Image Index: 1
Name: Microsoft Windows PE (x86)
Description: Microsoft Windows PE (x86)
Flags: 9
Files: 13651
Folders: 2919
Expanded Size: 1007 MB

Image Index: 2
Name: Microsoft Windows Setup (x86)
Description: Microsoft Windows Setup (x86)
Flags: 2
Files: 14026
Folders: 2937
Expanded Size: 1080 MB

1- Is it possible to make an arrangement so that we have option to choose between  'Boot Index : 1' and 'Boot Index : 2'  ? I mean when BCD try to load/boot 'boot.wim' file then it ask for choosing either 'Image Index #1' or 'Image Index #2' so that we can use both 'WinPE' and 'Windows Setup' through single 'boot.wim' file ?


2- AFAIK, In case of 'install.wim', we have option to choose any Image Index number for Windows Installation then

    Why there is no option for chooseing either 'Image Index #1' or 'Image Index #2' of 'boot.wim' Images ?


If anyone know about the concept of these 'boot.wim' Indexes, then Please help me in creating (IF POSSIBLE) 'Win8.1SE_x86_boot.wim' which will ask for choosing betwen 'Boot Index : 1'  and 'Boot Index : 2'  ?



Thanks in Advance...

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