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xB Browser is an anonymous web browser designed to run on both the Tor and XeroBank anonymity networks, and is available as component of the XeroBank Installer. xB Browser was previously called Torpark,[1] and is released under a license[2] that restricts usage by malware and commercial interests. xB Browser was originally forked from Portable Firefox web browser with Tor access built into it, but was redesigned from scratch in 2007. It is designed for use on portable media such as a USB flash drive but it can also be used on any hard disk drive. As such, a secure and encrypted connection to any of the Tor or XeroBank routers can be created from any computer with a suitable internet connection, and the browser clears all data that was created on the portable drive upon exit or on demand. The original Torpark was created by Steve Topletz using the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.