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Download WOF_Compress 4.1

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wof compression ntfs windows

WOF Compression and Uncompression of Files Or Drives and Folders using Status and Compress Functions made by erwan.l
GUI for WOF Compression and Uncompression of Drives and Folders using WofCompress Tool of JFX

Download Encrypted with password = bootwimb
Download from github: https://github.com/w...mpress/releases

WOF_Compress needs to be Trusted Installer in case of Path with Windows Operating System folders

- Double-click WOF_Compress_Trusted.cmd so that AdvancedRun.exe is used to Run as Trusted Installer program WOF_Compress_x64.exe

- Use Wof Compress Tool to be Trusted Installer
- Or be Trusted Installer in Win10XPE Environment
- Or Run RunAsTI64.exe first and then launch WOF_Compress_x64.exe from Command Window - See WOF_Compr_2020-07-27_200739.jpg
In this case WARNING - Location systemprofile\Desktop missing occurs that you simply must close and can proceed

Two types of Exclusion can be used in WOF_Compress program using makebt\Compress_Exclude.ini file with [CompressionExclusionList] section
1 - Filenames with extension that may contain wildcards like * and/or ? but cannot contain a backslash
2 - Path\Filename or parts of path\filename that must contain a backslash and can have trailing wildcard * or *.* but cannot contain ? or * on other place
; Use Leading ; for lines with comment

WOF_Compress Program will default use file makebt\Compress_Exclude.ini as exclude file for compression using [CompressionExclusionList] section
WofCompress.exe Tool of JFX will default use file makebt\WimBootReCompress.ini as exclude file for compression using [PrepopulateList] section
In both cases a Custom.ini file is selectable to overrule the default selection

The file makebt\Compress_FileList.txt or a custom.txt file can be used as FileList to process files ocurring on selected Target Drive
Each valid entry should start with a backslash folowed by full path and filename with extension
Leading ; can be used for lines with comment

Credits and Thanks to:
erwan.l for making the Core of WOF_Compress being Function _Wof_Status2_ and _Wof_Uncompress_ and _Wof_Compress_
JFX for making WofCompress Tool - https://msfn.org/boa...comment=1162805
alacran for topic on WofCompress Tool - http://reboot.pro/to...for-win7-win10/
AZJIO - for making _FO_FileSearch - https://www.autoitsc...-_foldersearch/
BiatuAutMiahn[@Outlook.com] and Danyfirex for making Func _WinAPI_WofSetCompression - https://www.autoitsc...et-compression/
Joakim Schicht for making RunAsTI64.exe - https://github.com/jschicht
Nir Sofer of NirSoft for making AdvancedRun - https://www.nirsoft....vanced_run.html

What's New in Version 4.1 (See full changelog)

  • - Status and Compress Functions made by erwan.l
  • - FileSearch and Progress Functions for 3.0
  • - compatible with WimBootReCompress.ini [CompressionExclusionList]
  • - use of File List for Compression of Files on Selected Target Drive
  • - use of Compress_Exclude.ini by WOF_Compress

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