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Latest grub4dos has updating date&time


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Posted 08 August 2019 - 08:13 AM

Todays version https://github.com/c...ub4dos/releases

enhanced --string features.

setmenu:setmenu --parameter | --parameter | ... --ver-on* --ver-off --lang=en* --lang=zh --u (clear all)
--left-align* --right-align --middle-align
--auto-num-off* --auto-num-all-on --auto-num-on --triangle-on* --triangle-off
--highlight-short* --highlight-full
--font-spacing=FONT:LINE. default 0
--string=[X]=[-]Y=COLOR="STRING"  max 16 commands.
  If no X, text in middle.
  -Y represents the count from the bottom.
  "STRING"="date&time=FORMAT"  will update date FORMAT every second.
  e.g. "date&time=MMM.dd.yyyy  HH:mm:ss"
  e.g. "date&time=dd/MMM/yy  AP hh:mm:ss"
  "STRING"="date&time"  ISO8601 format. equivalent to: "date&time=yyyy-MM-dd  HH:mm:ss"
  --string=INDEX to disable the specified index.  --string= to clear all strings.
  --string=date&time to disable the date&time.
--box x=X y=Y w=W h=H l=L
  If W=0, menu box in middle. L=menu border thickness 0-4, 0=none.
  X=0* menu start and width. X<>0 and W=0 Entire display width minus 2x.
  Y_OFFSET=0* entryhelp and keyhelp in the same area,entryhelp cover keyhelp.
  Y_OFFSET!=0 keyhelp to entryhelp line offset.two coexist.
  Y_OFFSET<=4, entryhelp display line number.
  COLOR=0* default 'color helptext'.
  X=Y=0* located at the end of the selected item.
  COLOR=0* default 'color highlight'.
--graphic-entry=type=row=list=wide=high=row_space START_FILE
  type: bit0:highlight  bit1:flip  bit2:box  bit3:highlight background
        bit4:Picture and text mixing  bit7:transparent background.
  Naming rules for START_FILE: *n.???   n: 00-99
  LINEWIDTH:1-255; all dimensions in pixels.
  --draw-box=INDEX to disable the specified index.  --draw-box= to clear all indexes.

Note: * = default. Use only 0xRRGGBB for COLOR. INDEX range is 1-16.



Replaces any of  dd MM MMM yyyy hh HH mm ss AP, where MM = two digit month, MMM = three letter month (e.g. Aug), HH = two digit 24-hour, hh = two digit 12-hour, AP = AM or PM



setmenu --string=67=0=0xffffff="date&time=[Date=dd/MM/yyyy Time=HH:mm:ss]


setmenu --string=71=0=0xffffff="date&time=[dd-MMM-yyyy  hh:mm:ss AP]"

Can permanently disable date&time using --string=date&time or any string using --string=INDEX


E2B page


[Edit] 0.4.6c 2019-08-08 had a timeout bug. 2019-08-09 fixes this.

Edited by steve6375, 09 August 2019 - 07:26 AM.

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