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XP,Vista,Win7 Full offline Migration and Reinstall

universal image winpe offline usmt migration deployment xp

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Posted 01 December 2011 - 04:06 AM

Hi everyone I'm new here, just contributed 2 "champions" on different users to contribute for all the helpful information I get in this forum.

I would like to make a project that uses scripts to make full -offline- migration from xp,sp1,sp2,sp3, vista and win7 as source user operating systems and make it fully unattended. I get a lot of computers to fix and it will save me much time and also for everyone I guess.

I have seen users like Mariatto, JayJayMacWay, Galapo and the advanced proffesional users started to work on similar projects and I think that they can contribute also their part and code.

I have basic understanding in scripting since I'm only a junior MCSE but I'm learning in time.

The project should be run completely from winpe and will include the following steps:

I just payed 20$ to this wonderful site as I came across your messege of your auto migrate and installing XP/Vista/Seven.

I'm trying to do something similar but without any operations during the installation.

What I thought of was to load WINPE from USB-HDD
activate the script:


boot menu:
[Boot from HDD0] (default, 120seconds delay)
[Boot Project OLMR] (Offline Migration and Repair)

Search for the USB Flash, USB-HDD drive, or HDD by search in label of the drive "OLMR" in ABCDE... set %OLMRDRIVE%=[drive],
if exist %OLMRDRIVE%:OLMR.ini and last line=finished, delete it. create %OLMRDRIVE%OLMR.ini
if last line OLMR.ini="ready for deployment" then %WINDESTDRV%=C, ECHO NOW Deploying, pause, Deploy This PC Now=Yes,skip to phase-4.

Search for the active operating system (search for boot.ini or BCD in ABCDEF.. and set %WINSOURCEDRV% = the default OS Drive (let's say, C)
set variables tokend from the bootfile:

set %USERPROFILEDIR% user profiles locations (from offline registry)


To write it simple until now we got for example:

We created the folder F:user1 = the default user, this dir will be the backup dir on the drive.
F:OLMR.ini first line will be "user1" so we can find the folder easily.

2) checkbox questionaire msgbox:
image? (with some tool like ghost or trueimage or IMG_XP)
antivirus - checkboxes near each offline antivirus/antispyware or none
Destination OS? xp32 home,pro, xp64 home,pro, win vista32 homepremium........
Have you purchased a new Destination OS? write the serial number to OLMR.ini
Deploy this PC now?

3) START OLMR unattended:

if chkdsk, run chkdsk
if image, create image on F:user1IMAGEIMAGE.gho
if antivirus, run it

grab all passwords, keys, wireless, dialup, activation files offline by nirsoft.net tools. save to F:user1PASS

If %XPSOURCESP%=SP0,SP1,SP2 run USMT3.0.1 scanstate OFFLINE.to F:user1USMT
else run offline USMT4 with hardlinks F:user1USMT

grab drivers with script or software

4)if %XPSOURCESP% not equal="" write OLMR.ini - SP=%XPSOURCESP%

write OLMR.ini ready to deployment

if deploy this PC now=no,echo image now ready to deploy on another PC, please transfer USB-HDD to the other HD and select option 2 in the boot menu. now shutting down, pause, shutdown.

4a) deploy universal offline syspreped WIMimage of xp/vista/7 version same as was in the source (home, pro, etc.,)
[universal image will have usename administrator and runtime apps like java, flash, ie9, wmp11, visual basic if needed, acrobat reader, codecs, etc., and also driverpacks and system tweaks]

5) default HDD0 loading. In the universal image will be runonce script command for loadstate, USMT3.0.1 for XP SP0,SP1,SP2, USMT4 for else.

change productkey to original from the saved F:user1PASSWinNirSoftproductkey.txt) or new (if purchased a new OS) from OLMR.ini

autoit script to activate windows

write OLMR.ini finished.


Even though it's a long post,most of it doesn't seem to be very complicated but there are 2 things that I didn't find a way to do.

First of all is running USMT3.0.1 Offline in WinPE. A lot of computers I put my hands on still have XP SP2.
Also running nirsoft tools offline, there are some tools that have builtin option for offline mode but the others I don't know how to do it.
USMT4 offline should be pretty easy as the net is full of step-by-step guides. I tried to read about tools like loadhive and runscanner but from what I understood, USMT need access to the SAM file and I'm not sure how to integrate it.
The problem is that a lot of XP SP1-SP2 computers are unbootable or have currupt registry.
If there was a way to uncompile USMT3 or clone it I think it would be a nice solution.

I hope that users who started similar project will help me with their code and maybe together we can make this project work because it should fit a lot of people, even if it is with little bit different for their tasks.

Where do you think I should start and how can you contribute?
I will be glad for any feedback.


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Posted 02 December 2011 - 01:24 PM

Hi Noam,

Welcome to our community!

Yesterday we saw fab's autobackup being made available around here which does most of the tasks you refer, however with a price tag associated: http://reboot.pro/15922/

What type of project do you have in mind?


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