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Is Microsoft already killing off Windows 7?

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#1 alacran


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 12:49 AM

I saw this and wanted to share with you: https://www.computer...-windows-7.html

#2 Guest_AnonVendetta_*

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 01:03 AM

Of course they're trying to kill off 7. They want everyone to use their stupid and silly Metro/Modern apps platform, towards their vision of a unified Windows for mobile, Xbox series of gaming consoles, PCs, etc. They'd like to get rid of the traditional desktop too. That's what they've been trying to do ever since 8's release. But by the looks of it, they're only having mild success. They've also been trying to kill XP for a long time, and even though they've substantially reduced it numbers, there are still many that use it.

#3 Blackcrack


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Posted 21 June 2018 - 06:37 AM

didadumm..killing me softly.. dundiedeldumm.. killing me softly.. like an ..... FROG !

kick it in the play, turn on the heater under the water, make it hot hotter more hotter and let it buuurrrrnnnnn....

at end, Micro$oft want selling his product like any Factory,
by the way to stay law conform working together with the facility's
of the Powers of the United States Safety and security ..
This comes from One land and overwatch the whole world of the one or other manner ..
They have the "Ordering System" for the whole Computers by the 2nd part on an other System (ios)
this was the contract between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on the first demonstration of Lisa

(this was the time as Steve accepted/Chasms his daughter and named the first computer like her ..)

And Steve unveiled the comuter Lisa and he found Windows 1.0 fore and Bill told "i guess we should speak" ...
something in this direction as the ordering System of Apple's should be revealed ..
at this point was Bill known what for power he have in the hands a power what goes around the world..
and he can it controlling if he makes right ..
and he has speak with Steve about .. how they should do it and that they should do it ..

well.. Or think of something else ..

by the way, i have 8 Gig updates and let it run via a batch file :

i download every month the updates and integrate it in this batch file ..
add a new entry and update the part number's

best regards
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