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Add Grub2 and Grub4Dos of AIO Boot to Windows Boot Manager

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Posted 22 October 2019 - 07:15 PM

Add Grub2 and Grub4Dos of AIO Boot to Windows Boot Manager


Old AIO Boot thread on reboot.pro: http://reboot.pro/to...ux/#entry200738


Just for testing this procedure I installed AIO Boot to a Logical partition (hd0,5) (NTFS) on my MBR formated internal disk, and only adding by means of BootIce an entrance on BCD to \AIO\grub\grub2win, (see attached picture), when selecting it during boot, the AIO Boot menu is shown on the screen, and it is possible to boot from any previously installed WinPE boot.wim image, Linux Live distro, etc. and even if  \AIO\Files\Linux\Linux_distros (Isos or extracted on their own folder) are on a NTFS partition/volume they boot fine (see tested Linux Live distros at the end of the post), from same menu it is also possible to load AIO Boot internal grub4dos menu.

About the propossed way to make an entrance on BCD to directly load the AIO Boot internal grub4dos menu, (\AIO\Tools\grub4dos\grldr) it is wrong, bootmanager needs to load first grldr.mbr, then it looks for grld on the root of first partition and latter on the root of each partition so even if we change it to \AIO\Tools\grub4dos\grldr.mbr it will not find grldr as it is not located where it should be.


To make it work we need to do the following:


1.- If there is not any previous entrance in our BCD for grldr.mbr (If it exists ignore this and go directly to No. 2):


Add grldr.mbr, grldr + menu.lst on the root of a partition and edit with BootIce the BCD to load/run grldr.mbr from its actual location.


2.- Make an entrance in the menu.lst as following:


title Load AIO_Boot menu.lst
find --set-root /AIO/Tools/grub4dos/menu.lst
configfile /AIO/Tools/grub4dos/menu.lst


NOTE: I know internal menu of grld could be edited too, but I always prefer to keep it untouched.


This way the AIO Boot internal grub4dos menu will be found and loaded.


Tested Linux Live(s) booting fine from the NTFS partition:

boot-repair-disk-32bit			Extracted on a folder
boot-repair-disk-64bit			Extracted on a folder
linuxmint-19.2-cinnamon-64bit		Extracted on a folder
MX-18.3_x64				Extracted on a folder
PartedMagic-2019-01-03			Directly from Iso


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