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Install from USB AFTER Booting with PE

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    Submitted Mar 09 2012 12:23 PM

Install from USB AFTER Booting with PE


Install of XP or Windows 7 from USB After Booting with 7 PE and
by using WinNTSetup2_x86.exe and Setup ISO file in Virtual drive

- Info BOOT_USB - http://www.911cd.net...showtopic=24424
- Info Make_PE3 - http://www.911cd.net...showtopic=23931
- Thanks to JFX for making WinNTSetup2_x86.exe - http://www.msfn.org/...-winntsetup-v2/
- Info IMG_XP - http://www.911cd.net...showtopic=23553

Download - IMG_XP

The advantage is that you never boot from USB during XP Setup
and that makes everything much more reliable and you have full control of what you are doing.
Also using a single XP Setup ISO file mounted in ImDisk Virtual drive is much more reliable
than having a bunch of XP Setup files on USB.
Transfer of the ISO file to USB is much faster and easier to maintain.
Instead of USB-stick it is much better to use Portable 2.5 inch USB-harddisk e.g. Samsung S2
As easy to carry and connect, but much higher speed and more capacity.