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Posted 26 February 2021 - 12:32 AM

About the ext folder:


From my post: http://reboot.pro/in...445#entry217826


I'm going to answer myself, the ext folder contains a set of the previously called grubutils (external utilities that can be run from grub4dos).


On this page on RMPrepUSB site by our fellow steve6375, I found a brief description and info of their use, at least for the MBR version of grub4dos.


The page also includes interesting info to make use of this utilities on the creation of Batch files for grub4dos (MBR version).


NOTE: It seems the linked page on RMPrepUSB is not very recent and some info could be outdated.


It would be good if some of our chinese friends, that come frecuently to this forum, and have more knowledge of the recent developments in grub4dos for MBR and also for UEFI could give us a more complete and updated info.





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Posted 4 weeks ago


There are some interesting new improvements on grub4dos-for_UEFI made during the last months, I will comment the last improvements made during 2021, from the info on grub4dos-for_UEFI-2021-02-10, (usual functions are already included on last version of wimb's programs).

This is new changelog_UEFI.txt file translated to English, remarked in blue new 2021 improvements:


The more relevant improvemets are:

Start bootmgfw.efi fine. since 2021-01-09 version.
Correct external commands, since 2021-01-12 version.
Support loading multiple initrd files since 2021-01-12 version.
Support to start a differential VHD has been added since 2021-01-31 version.
Now it shuts down fine (and does not make a false shut down, just to reboot again in a few seconds), since 2021-02-10

And this is new Sample menu.lst translated to English.


There is not a sample to boot differential VHD on the previous Sample menu.lst

Now ntloader can be loaded as an external command to boot WIM and VHD files, using following sample commands:

#Use external command ntloader
#Assuming WIM or VHD is located in (hdx,y), the path is /path/to/winpe.wim
title Start Windows WIM/VHD
uuid (hdx,y)
kernel /ntloader uuid=%?_UUID% file=/path/to/winpe.wim
initrd /initrd.lz1

#Use external command ntloader
#Assuming the system folder is located at (hdx,y)
title Start Windows system
uuid (hdx,y)
kernel /ntloader uuid=%?_UUID%
initrd /initrd.lz1

But I assume we need to have the ntloader external command available, as it do not seems to be embeded in G4E

@ a1ive and/or @ liuzhaoyzz:

Please give us some more info about boot differential VHD, and the use of ntloader external command in G4E.

I remember I read (on wuyou.net forum) a1ive made, (from his version of ntloader used on a1ive's grub2), a new ntloader modified version to be used on G4E.

Also there is now an ext folder into grub4dos-for_UEFI-2021-02-10.7z download, with several files into it, and I would like to know better what is their use?

Thanks in advance.


My friend, I'm sorry I haven't been to http://reboot.pro/for a long time.
Wintoflash's NTLOADER is very simple to start vhd integrated with svbus driver, either directly starting vhd or map --mem.
Let me give you an example menu:

title WIN7X64-SVBUS (/VHD/SX70211.vhd)-chainloader ntloader-vhd-svbus
find --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd /EFI/grub/ntloader | set x=
echo x=%x%
find --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd --set-root /VHD/SX70211.vhd
uuid ()
chainloader %x%/EFI/grub/ntloader uuid=%?_UUID% initrd=/EFI/grub/initrd.lz1 hires=0 file=/VHD/SX70211.vhd

title WIN7X64-SVBUS (/VHD/SX70211.vhd)-chainloader ntloader-vhd-svbus-RAMOS
find --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd /EFI/grub/ntloader | set x=
echo x=%x%
find --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd --set-root /VHD/SX70211.vhd
map --mem --top /VHD/SX70211.vhd (hd)
uuid (hd-1,0)
chainloader %x%/EFI/grub/ntloader hires=0 uuid=%?_UUID% initrd=/EFI/grub/initrd.lz1

You only need to modify /VHD/SX70211.vhd, the folder where vhd is located, and the name of vhd, and the rest basically do not need to be modified.
I didn't succeed with the kernel initrd method.
Ntloader: use GRUB4DOS to start VHD/WIM-GRUB4DOS-under BIOS/uefi-worry-free startup forum-Powered by Discuz! http://bbs.wuyou.net...40&extra=page=1

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Posted 3 weeks ago

@ liuzhaoyzz


Thanks my friend, very good info.  No problem for your delayed answer, it is always better late than never.


@ All:


For your convenience, opening following spoiler, you will find English translation of  a1ive's topic [Original] NTloader: Boot VHD/WIM with GRUB4DOS under BIOS/UEFI, mentioned on previous post by liuzhaoyzz: http://bbs.wuyou.net...40&extra=page=1




Attached you can find grub4dos-grub2-directory_menu.rar downloaded from liuzhaoyzz's link: https://liuzhaoyzz.l...com/iGCnjn2d5dg


This is a1ve's ntloader page in github: https://github.com/a1ive/ntloader


You can download a1ve's ntloader last version from: https://github.com/a...ases/tag/latest



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