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antivirus security malware virus cleanup registry adwcleaner

This program is intended to be a universally portable Virus removal tool.
Cleanup infected areas of Windows from within WinPE or in a Live Windows System.

I have been working on an executable similar to ADWCleaner by Xplode.

The main difference with this program is that it is built with WinPE in mind.
I feel like there are a lot of great Virus Cleanup programs... but nothing that is actually built for WinPE. So I decided to create my own. I have gathered any virus defs I could find to begin building my definitions. I have also begun adding some of my own findings as well. Uninfector has grown into a full blown Cleanup tool. Which removes infected files and PUP files.

I need your help though! The more users I can have to test this the better. Since I am only limited to what I can see and have access to. Please download the Uninfector.exe and run it on an infected system. (Preferably within WinPE). Once you have finished please upload your Uninfector.log and Unknown_Uninfector.log here in this support thread and let me know how well it seemed to have worked for you.

I still suggest running adwcleaner and malwarebytes or any other utilities you normally scan with as well afterwards. If you can upload those logs for me as well that would be great.

Thanks go to anyone who is willing to help with this project! :thumbsup:

When you use this make sure the internet is connected so it can get the latest definitions file! If it doesn't have any defs it won't be able to do much of anything.
If you do not intend to use the internet with Uninfector.exe you can manually download the Uninfector.Defs file and place it next to Uninfector.exe

The latest Uninfector.Defs can be downloaded here:
http://Techware.net/...Uninfector.Defs (Right click and Save As)

I further want to add that this program is digitally signed with my company: Techware Solutions, Inc.
This is something that links my company directly to this file and is a way you can determine if it is the real Uninfector.exe and will not be a malicious file.

List of features I will currently be working on:
*1. Quarantine Removed Items. (Added to Version
*2. Ask if the user would like to check for program updates automatically at every launch. (Added to Version
*3. Ask if the user would like to check for definition updates automatically at every launch. (Added to Version
*4. Folder detection and removal. (Added to Version
*5. File detection and removal. (Added to Version
*6. Browser Extension Files/registry removal and cleanup. (Added to Version
*7. GUI that shows the information being processed. (Added to Version
*8. Move the Definitions into a defs file instead of ini. (Added to Version
*9. Fix a bug that causes Uninfector to not scan the correct hive when running within WinPE. (fixed in Version

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • Improved: Services scanning is much faster! Probably saves at least 30 seconds of time.
  • Fixed: Uninfector.exe is compiled using a newer version of the scripting language, which fixed the odd errors that were reported. Which also seemed to have speed up the scan process as well.
  • New: If an Uninfector.Defs file is present next to Uninfector.exe then the downloaded Uninfector.Defs file will now overwrite it so that Uninfector.Defs that users manually use are updated if they ever decide to Update through the program.
  • Fix: When "UpdateDefs=N" in the config file, Uninfector failed to run. This is now fixed.
  • New: File Scanning is now added. Specific areas of the System drive are now checked for specific files listed in the Defs. So if an infected file is found in places like the Windows directory, System32, Drivers, Root of the drive, AppData folders, and so on... they will be removed.
  • New: Google Chrome Files are now processed and removed if listed in the Defs.
  • New: Mozilla Firefox Files are now processed and removes if listed in the Defs.
  • Fixed: Bug that was caused by an error that was given that crashed Uninfector while running within WinPE x64. The bug was caused by an internal Function of Autoit (_ArrayUnique). For some reason this function does not seem to work within the x64 WinPE in a x86 compiled autoit executable. Although it seems to work fine within Windows x86 and x64 just fine. I have removed this Function for now. It wasn't really needed anyways.
  • Fixed: Bug posted by d4vr0s which was caused by my Folder Scanning code. Thanks for reporting d4vr0s!!
  • Fixed: Numerous scan optimizations. Specific areas were not scanning properly.
  • Change: Uninfector.ini is no longer used as the Definitions file. Now Uninfector.Defs is used.
  • New: Update options are now built in. You will be prompted for a choice if you want to update Definitions and the Uninfector.exe. If you select the check box "Do not show again" then a Config.ini file is created next to Uninfector.exe and evry time Uninfector.exe is launched it gets the answers from the config file and no longer asks if you wish to update or not.
  • New: New Command Line parameter for Updates... /UpdateDefs (Will update Definitions Only) /UpdateAll (Will Update Definitions and Uninfector.exe)
  • Fixed: Typo in my Unicode change in the previous version which caused the db to become corrupt. Quickly fixed. Sorry if anyone downloaded the previous version for the 10 minutes it was online.
  • Removed: Deleted Unicode items from the online database (Uninfector.ini) to keep the file size smaller. All Unicode items are kept internally inside of Uninfector.exe.
  • Added: User Folder Quarantine Removal. (AppData)
  • Fixed: WinPE Scanning was only scanning the HKLM64 portion of the registry on x64 Hives.
  • Improved: Optimized Registry scan.
  • Improved: Full scan is much faster! 1 minute and 15 seconds to completion on my most recent tests!!!
  • Added: Folder/File Quarantine/Removal.
  • Added: Shortcut Removal from Desktop, Start Menu and Quick Launch.
  • Fixed - Quarantine Restore was restoring some Registry Key Values incorrectly.

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