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wimboot 2.7.1

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#1 erwan.l


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Posted 6 days ago

Posted Image

File Name: wimboot 2.7.1
File Submitter: erwan.l
File Submitted: 21 Feb 2021
File Updated: 21 Feb 2021
File Category: Tools

wimboot is a boot loader for Windows Imaging Format (.wim) files.
It enables you to boot into a Windows PE (WinPE) deployment or recovery environment.
You can use wimboot with iPXE to boot Windows PE via HTTP.
With a Gigabit Ethernet network, a typical WinPE image should download in just a few seconds.


  • Extract BCD, boot.sdi, and standard boot font files automatically from the .wim image.

  • Use paging and Physical Address Extensions (PAE) to place the initrd above 4GB if possible, thereby allowing larger .wim images to be used on BIOS systems (sponsored by Digital Intelligence).

  • Enable stack protection for both BIOS and UEFI builds.

  • Tidy up debug output that typically disrupts the loading screen progress bar.

  • Add quiet command-line option to inhibit all debug output (sponsored by 2Pint Software).

  • Create fully automated tests of an HTTP boot via iPXE and wimboot into multiple versions of Windows.

  • Migrate from Travis CI to GitHub actions.

Click here to download this file
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#2 antonino61


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Posted 5 days ago

is it only for winpe's?

#3 erwan.l


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Posted 4 days ago

is it only for winpe's?


Yes it is.

Probably the best solution to quickly load a winpe.

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#4 ReTokener


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Posted 3 days ago

Dear Erwan

Thank you very much for continuing to work on the program. :thumbsup:


wimboot 2.6.0 was able to boot WinPE from grub4dos-0.4.6a-2017-05-15 menu.lst

In this case MistyPE(Win10)


iftitle [find /MistyPE5_x64/210223185908] - MistyPE5_x64 \n 210223185908 - wimboot - Index:1
find --set-root /MistyPE5_x64/210223185908
kernel /wimboot index=1
initrd @bcd=/MistyPE5_x64/boot/bcd @boot.sdi=/MistyPE5_x64/boot/boot.sdi @bootmgr=/MistyPE5_x64/BOOTMGR @boot.wim=/MistyPE5_x64/SOURCES/boot.wim

Unfortunately this doesn't work with later versions of G4D.

On the other hand: grub4dos-0.4.6a-2017-05-15 cannot handle wimboot 2.7.1.

Is it an issue of wimboot or GRUB4DOS?

Here are two films to provide further information. 

Attached File  GRUBTEMP.7z   744.07KB   5 downloads


I remembered Wonko's commandment: "Thou shalt always try commandline first",

and found in this case: Running commandline ends up the same way.

Attached File  10x64 UEFI wimboot 2.7.1-2021-02-23T19-13-57-490044400Z.webm.7z   7.64MB   5 downloads


The filename in the WEBMs might be misleading: UEFI was disabled in all boot ops.


Best regards   T.
































#5 erwan.l


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Posted 3 days ago

I wish I could take any credits for wimboot but far (very far) from it.

The ipxe team is a great dev team with absolute hard core skills : all credits goes to them.


At very best can I take very little credits for Tiny PXE Server using wimboot (amongst other credit open source softwares).


Note that wimboot 2.7.2 is out today but i dont believe it will solve your issues.


I remember a thread on reboot.pro where we found out that you needed an older version of wimboot to use some functions.

2.5.2 (out of memory) was the one version giving good results if I am correct.




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