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Download diskmod

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Diskmod is a filter driver made by karyonix long time ago (First version is from October, 2009), in no way I'm trying to take any credit on the development of this fantastic filter driver, the pourpose of loading it to this repository is to keep it easy available to download, and as a tribute to the developer, karyonix Topic name is not very intuitive if you are not looking for: Page file in USB hard disk, by the way I used it first time on my very first Win7 VHD on a USB HDD, long time ago as on those times Ram usually available on PCs was very limited and it was necessary to have a Page file on the USB device and avoid to create it on the internal HD and make the VHD fully portable.

This is original topic from karyonix: http://reboot.pro/in...?showtopic=9461

And you may find on author topic a download link for v0.0.2.2 and additional info on this post: http://reboot.pro/in...9461#entry86619

It is not required anymore on Win10 since from v1703 this OS is capable to read/write to multipartitioned USB sticks.
But it is very usefull on previous OS as Win7 and Win8.x to let this OSs have access to multipartitioned USB sticks.

Diskmod.sys was originally written to allow pagefile.sys to reside in a USB Hard Disk. However its other features include disguising UFDs as HDDs and HDDs as UFDs.

This driver is not signed so to install and use it you have to activate Test Mode (testsigning) before installing it.

NOTE: Starting in 2021-11-23 this download now includes diskmod drivers signed by paraglider, see this post.
I apologize for the delay in updating this publication.

Install and use diskmod.sys (when running the .bat files do it as admin, just in case)
1.Download and extract diskmod.zip
2.Right Click on diskmod.inf – Install
3.Run UFDasHDD.bat and replug your USB Flash Drive to make it appear as Fixed Disk
4.Run UFDNormal.bat and replug your USB Flash Drive to make it appear normally as Removable Media
5.Run USBHDDasUFD.bat and replug your USB Hard Disk to make it appear as Removable Media
6.Run USBHDDnormal.bat and replug your USB Hard Disk to make it appear normally as Fixed Disk.

USB Flash Drives can be disguised as USB HDDs
USB HDDs can be disguised as USB Flash Drives. This feature was missing in cfadisk.sys and dummydisk.sys
Easy to install. No Reboot required (even if a message asking for reboot appears).
Very easy to switch between Removable and Fixed modes for both USB Flash Drives and USB HDDs.You just have to change a value in the registry and replug your USB Device
All connected USB Devices are affected. Karyonix’s post at reboot.pro mentions that individual USB Devices can be targetted without affecting the other connected USB Devices. However this is a complex procedure, it is easier to just apply it for all USB devices using the batch files included in the download.
Diskmod is one of the best filter drivers available for disguising a UFD as a USB HDD or vice versa.

For additional comments about this subject go to: http://reboot.pro/in...showtopic=22249
or directly to the author topic: http://reboot.pro/in...?showtopic=9461

To install diskmod on your old Win 7 and Win 8.x based WinPEs please see this topic.


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