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Download lz4_compressor 190618

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lz4 grub4dos vhd

lz4_compressor was made using Autoit, it is a Compressor and Decompressor GUI for LZ4.

It was made to facilitate the LZ4 compression of fixed size Wimboot VHDs (Not applicable to expandable VHDs, since they don't boot when compressed), in order to greatly reduce the size of the file that will be loaded to Ram by means of grub4dos for MBR or for UEFI + SVBus driver, and this way improve the time to load it in Ram. Even if it was made for VHDs you can select any other files as *.iso, *.img or *.ima, etc., to compress them if you want.

The download has all required files/folders to work on x86 and x64 OSs. It is an executable that detects OS architecture and automatically selects the LZ4 x86 or x64 version as required.

-12 --content-size --favor-decspeed is preselected on this tool because result is very close to the smallest achievable size but having a faster decompression.
-12 --content-size is available on this tool too, as this is top level for compression.
--decompress --no-sparse are the actual parameters used since this version to decompress, to disable sparse mode (default) decompression that was creating an issue when decompressing VHD.lz4 files.
Additionally you can type your prefered parameters too.

LZ4 version included on Download is v1.9.1, see Note-2

LZ4 page on GitHub: https://github.com/lz4/lz4/releases

Thanks to my good friend Retokener (wimlib-clc author) for all the info, time and patience during the development of this new tool. Without his help this little program would not be working as expected.

Password of 7z file is my user name on this forum: alacran

This is only to avoid AV or browser to cancel download just in case a false positive virus warning.

The compression achieved highly depends on free space on the source file and compressibility of content.

NOTE: On this new version I fixed decompression of VHDs.

NOTE-2: I tested this program using the last 1.93 version of lz4 compressor and it do not give any meaningful advantage or reduction in time consumed or size of final compressed file, so didn't see the need to update it. But if the user wants to run his/her own tests just download the new lz4 version and extract it on the respective x64 or x86 folders of the lz4_compressor program, replacing previous files.

If you want to comment something related to lz4_compressor go to this thread: http://reboot.pro/in...showtopic=22062

NOTE: All links on this page to reboot.pro Topic(s) and Post(s) were updated using standard URLs, avoiding the use of Friendly URLs.


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