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Changes in Eset SysRescue v6.0.316.0_2

Version v6.0.316.0_2
  • *Moved To AutoIT Scripting
Version v6.0.308.0_1
  • *Major update to the script
  • *lost of small Bug Fixes
Version v6.0.306.0_1
  • *Updated to ESET 6
  • *Added dependency check
  • *Added Drive Exclusion support
Version v5.2.9.1
  • *30sec to 1min+ Faster Load time using *.dat updates
  • *Using ESET v5.2.9.1 Core files
  • *Better Copy Verification Checks
  • *Make sure your PE has msvcrt.dll in the system32 folder
  • *Added project picture :)
Version v5.0.92.1
  • *added code to count Memory loaded into the kernel(ekrn.exe) and wait for the kernel to be ready to accept the EGUI ,this will hopefully stop the "could not contact kernel" error on slower PC's
Version v5.0.92
  • There is a lot of changes since v4 so i will not be listing them.