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Changes in multiPE 79

Version 79
  • Fixed finally (?) bugs with building first PE
Version 78
  • Fixed some smaller bugs with building first PE
Version 77
  • Some smoothing of screen reader support.
Version 76
  • Fixed an issue with scncronisation problems after new installation. That caused NVDA not beeing copied to the PE.
Version 75
  • In the project: For blind users input to file boxes via editable text file.
  • During PE boot: Automatic answer to "Driver Signing" dialog.
  • After the screen reader is started: Switching between the different audio endpoint devices, until the blind user hears something.
Version 74
  • Fixed hardcoded local path of 7z.exe to %Tools%
Version 73
  • When eSpeak is not installed on the host, use Windows SAPI from multiPE internal vbscript to speak message box texts.
Version 72
  • Added NVDA script to Win7 track
  • Enhanced support for NVDA users
  • Redesigned WBManager functionality
Version 71
  • Fixed bug: When the user choosed an unsupported Win8 source, the track-change mechanism scrambled the complete project.
Version 70
  • Rearranged certification. pre-082 certification is never used and obsolete. Added certification83 which does not enclose empty lines to calculation.
  • Rearranged portable apps functionality. Added optional portable apps from virtual HD image.
  • Portable apps now also in Vista and Win7 PEs available.
  • Imdisk now also in Vista and Win7 PEs available.
  • Completelly removed Win8 as source.
Version 69
  • Added ifsutil.dll, ifsutilx.dll, fmifs.dll to the standard build
  • Save configuration before single file download, and restore afterwards.