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Changes in SharpBoot 4.5

Version 4.5
  • Added Hungarian (thanks Gabor Molnar)
  • Added Polish (thanks Mikolaj98)
  • Fixed a bug preventing ISO files from being correctly generated
  • Updated 7-zip 16.02 to 16.04
  • Updated QEMU 2.7.0 to
Version 4.4
  • Added Portuguese, thanks José Pedro
  • Updates:
  • 7-zip 15.14 -> 16.02
  • QEMU -> 2.7.0
  • ImageMagick 7.0.1-0-Q16 -> 7.0.3-0-Q16
Version 4.3
  • This update fixes all the bugs related to QEMU's DLLs.
  • Fixed a bug when downloading an ISO file
  • Added NTFS support
  • Updated grubinst.exe 1.1 -> 1.4
  • ISO categories are now directly in the AppDB
  • Updated Syslinux 6.03 -> 6.04
Version 4.2
  • Fixed display size in main window
  • Now checks for update only at app startup
  • Fixed language icons
  • Updated QEMU 1.5.1 to 2.5.0
  • Updated 7-Zip 9.20 to 15.14
  • Updated ImageMagick 6.8.6 to 6.9.2
  • Fixed ImageMagick code in Grub4DOS
  • Updated some version strings and copyrights
  • Updated LibZ to
  • Added 1280x1024 to supported resolutions
  • Moved my website, fixed the app database URL
  • Fixed a bug in the custom files form
  • Fixed 2 russian localizations
Version 4.0
  • Fixed MainWindow in traditional chinese, some label were hidden
  • Moved language button to menu bar
  • Fixed Image rendering with Windows7Renderer
  • Added some Czech translations (from Microsoft Terminology Collection)
  • Added Custom Code window (you can put custom code for entries)
  • Added Custom Files window (you can put files that are automatically copied on the ISO/USB key)
Version 3.9
  • Fixed Chinese MainWindow for screens under 1024x768 (the form would have been 800+ px height so some parts of the form were hidden)
  • Started adding Czech translation (thanks Valentin Fritz, 34% translated yet)
  • Added Italian translation (thanks Blys)
Version 3.8
  • Added a "Drop files here" text because some people didn't know how to add ISO files
  • Fixed the "Cancel" button when generating ISO, didn't do anything when clicked, now works
  • Added flags to the languages drop-down
Version 3.7
  • Added an updater! It searches for updates at app start and every 10 minutes, and if there's one available, shows a tiny cute button at upper-right corner of the screen, and when you click it, it opens the GitHub page of the latest release!
  • Added the Antivirus and Windows categories
  • Fixed a Russian translation: памьять -> память
  • Added Michael Orishich GitHub page to README.MD and About dialog
Version 3.6
  • Added file size handling for Russian and Ukranian
  • Added empty file check in update: if the downloaded file is empty or invalid XML, then it doesn't erase the current one
  • Added some replacement fur some Ukranian chars unsupported by the font
  • Added spanish translation (thanks to Hector)
  • Now, the "Add ISO" form shows description of the selected app to download
Version 3.5.1
  • Added ISO database in case you don't have internet access
Version 3.5
  • Added some ukrainian translations
  • Added HDD support
  • Finished Simplified Chinese translation
  • The app database isn't hardcoded anymore, it's now hosted on my website and automatically updated every 10 minutes